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04 Jul 2022

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Steering could use more feel
Not much quicker than a Q5 Sportback
Relatively thirsty

The Audi SQ5 is a grand tourer for today's SUV-oriented consumers, and it's surprisingly fun to drive as well, in spite of its size and weight.

The idea of a grand tourer has always resonated with me. I've always liked a car that has the legs to cover long distances with ease, while offering generous occupant comfort. At the same time, it must also have the capability to cater to spirited driving when the situation or the driver calls for it.

Grand tourers come in various forms. Bentley's example is the aptly named Continental GT, Mercedes-Benz has the CLS, BMW has the 8 Series Gran Coupe, and Audi has the A5 and A7 Sportback models.

But let's be honest - a grand tourer in coupe, sedan or fastback form doesn't have the same appeal to the majority of consumers that an SUV does.

Blending body styles

The wide-mouth grille looks ready to eat other cars for breakfast
This is probably where a model like the SQ5 comes in. From afar, it resembles a sportier-looking Q5.

Walk around it and you'll note how the roofline, rather than being straight, slopes towards the rear. The windscreen here is steeply raked instead of vertical. That's why the SQ5 has a Sportback designation.

Here is also where things can become confusing for consumers. The SQ5 is an SUV, but carmakers like to come up with snazzy terms such as 'Sportback' and 'coupe-SUV', which makes buyers wonder how both body styles can exist in one car.

(Don't get me started on the other misnomer known as the 'four-door coupe'. There is no such thing.)

With the optional Audi pre-sense rear feature, the taillights will illuminate to warn the driver of the car behind that he or she is too close
So, if the SQ5 Sportback is confusing, just think of it as a high-performance SUV. It certainly has the kit that hints at its potential.

Said kit starts with a huge octagonal grille in front, large 21-inch tyres that fill the sizeable wheel arches, and tasty quad-exhaust tips integrated with the rear bumper.

Large brake rotors with red callipers peek out from behind the wheels, and Audi has tastefully kept the 'S' badging to a minimum. In fact, there are only two on the exterior: one on the grille and the second on the tailgate. Subtlety is always classy.

Cushiness and sportiness

The S-specific layout can help drivers focus on keeping the revs up and swapping cogs
The SQ5's interior is typical for the brand. It's well-made, properly laid out and easy to get the hang of. Even the buttons make satisfying clicks when pressed.

The front sports seats are well padded and more importantly, can be easily adjusted to get the optimal driving position, which is key in a high-performance model.

Nifty equipment includes the brand's 12.3-inch virtual cockpit plus (digital instrument panel), a head-up display, and a Bang & Olufsen hi-fi system. But as we shall soon see, the wonderful music the latter can play is less desirable compared to the drivetrain's soundtrack.

The SQ5 Sportback has slightly less cargo space for items due to its lower roofline
Occupants will find plenty of legroom to stretch out at the rear, although the sloping roof means passengers taller than 1.8m could find headroom lacking.

The boot capacity, on the other hand, is generous: 500 litres with the backrests in place, and 1,480 litres with the rear seats folded.

That said, the boot volume is still less compared to that of the Q5, which offers 520 litres and 1,520 litres respectively. Looking more athletic has its price, though fortunately, it isn't taxing.

Rorty symphony

Characterful turbocharged 3-litre V6 is likely to be the last of its kind - future powerplants will probably be quiet and subdued electric motors
Beneath the bonnet is what differentiates the SQ5 Sportback from its Q5 and Q5 Sportback siblings. It has a turbocharged 3-litre V6, whereas the other two models have turbocharged in-line four units.

This six-cylinder powerplant, which also does duty in the S4 Sedan, delivers 349bhp and a meaty 500Nm, with the latter figure available from just 1,370rpm.

Paired to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, the SQ5 Sportback hits the century mark from rest in five seconds, or 1.3 seconds quicker than its Q5 sibling.

However, speed and acceleration are not what this SUV's specialties are. Half the reason you buy an SQ5 Sportback is because of its addictive engine note.

Take full control by sliding the gear lever to the left - it's the best and only way to enjoy this car
This particular V6 is constantly thrumming, especially when the drive mode is set to 'Dynamic'.

It is best sampled using the manual override function, where you can do silly things, such as keeping the transmission in a particular gear (usually second, third or fourth) so you can continually create a variety of delicious noises.

Everything sounds great even up to 5,000 or 6,000rpm. And you will want to stretch the engine because you can make those 'braap braap' sounds when you downshift. Clearly, fuel costs are going to be an issue.

Long distances

Air suspension gives this modern 'grand tourer' a pliant ride, but also helps it handle relatively well
What won't be an issue, though, is comfort. Equipped with Adaptive Air Suspension with S-specific tuning, the SQ5 Sportback is cushy even when the Dynamic setting is selected.

Bumps are easily dealt with and those annoying speed bumps can just as easily be cleared as well. If you think it's too firm, there's always a Comfort option to cosset your bum. A car like this would be welcome on a long drive up North.

Of course, when the mood strikes, the SQ5 Sportback is happy to indulge your spirited ways. Despite weighing over 1.8 tonnes, the SUV felt handy around twisty spots such as Orange Grove Road.

Although there's not much feel from the helm, the steering is accurate and lends you the confidence to follow the turns, knowing that the car can take it with less lean than expected. It does even better in long and gentle sweepers.

It may be more curvy than square, but the SQ5 Sportback is still an SUV by any measure
You could go on a road trip in regular Q5. But it won't be as adept or athletic as this SUV.

That is what the SQ5 Sportback offers. It's got the powerplant that enthusiasts want, with the SUV body, comfort and flexibility that today's consumers seek.

In other words, it's a modern interpretation of a grand tourer. I just hope they don't try to come up with some other snazzy name for it.

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Car Information
Audi SQ5 Sportback 3.0 TFSI qu Tip (A)
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V6 Turbocharged

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260kW (349 bhp) / 6400 rpm



500 Nm / 4500 rpm



8-speed (A) Tiptronic

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