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The Ingolstadt carmaker reinstates its position among the German 'big fours' with the latest iteration of its camper cruiser.

30 Apr 2012

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It is hard to talk about Audi wagons without mentioning the show-stopping RS2 Avant. First seeing light back in 1994, the RS2 was met with audiences that were still a tad sceptical about packing monstrous power into a benign-looking wagon.

18 years apart - the RS2 which first got us acquainted with the avant

The RS2 Avant was also the first car to dawn the 'RS' badge - such precedence has etched the significance of the avant body-style into the marque's heritage. And while the local motoring scene is still pre-packed with the more conventional sedans, there are signs of the wagons gaining acceptance. We find out if the deviated choice is a worthy bet.


Despite gaining the rear-end bulk, Audi has somewhat managed to turn the avant into a flowing package - a distinguishing composition of style, poise, and purposefulness.

Front facet with taut creases to create a more distinctive outlook; 20" alloys wrapped in low-profile tyres look every bit of a potent cruiser

As the rarer sight on our local roads, the avant looks fresher, and certainly carries a greater presence than its booted brother - the A6 sedan. The dynamism of the design cues are best viewed from the front three-quarts, with the taut creases outlining the pronounced side-grilles, complete with an unobtrusive front spoiler.

Though much of the styling has been carried forward from the sedan variant, the rear end of the avant features subtle makeovers, such as a lowered boot-sill for ease of loading. It does take a keen eye to spot the differences, but by no means is the avant any less stylish.

S-line adds subtle bits of aesthetic upgrades to enhance the sportiness of the overall package

Our test car also came with the five-spoke alloys in 20-inch applications, first seen on the RS6, sprucing up the sporty looks of the avant substantially.

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Car Information

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors
Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TFSI quattro (A)
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Engine Type



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224kW (300 bhp)



440 Nm



7-speed (A) S-tronic

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