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The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class manages to be a technological juggernaut in a well-tailored suit.

10 Mar 2016

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Every carmaker has its sweetheart and for Mercedes-Benz it is the E-Class, the popular and prolific executive sedan that the German brand claims is the heart of the family.

But despite its crucial position in the product range, the car was last in line among Mercedes' sedans to get revamped in the new design language that did wonders for the flagship S-Class in 2014 before the smaller C-Class adopted it later. 

The outgoing E-Class received a major facelift in 2013 but now the long wait for the new 10th generation model is over. Internally designated as W213, the new E-Class rides on Mercedes' Modular Rear Architecture (MRA), a state-of-the-art platform first seen on the C-Class as well as the recently launched GLC and will further underpin more new models before the end of the decade.

On first glance, the new E-Class really looks like a bigger C-Class and a smaller S-Class


The car's sheet metal will look familiar, because it's very much nearly the same as the C-Class and the S-Class. According to Mercedes, this is part of its plan of providing its sedan lineup with a more cohesive appearance than before.

As expected, the new E-Class' front end falls in line with Mercedes' current design language, thanks to familiar styling cues such as elongated head lights and an upright grille.

Beyond its new face, Mercedes' newest sedan also boasts a long hood - a styling cue that has defined the E-Class and its predecessors for years - and muscular haunches, but it gains a more coupe-like silhouette than the outgoing model.

The new car's taillights are slightly elongated to show its evolution from previous generations, as do the cab-rearward profile, fluted body sides and the gently sloping tail that help make the car look more relaxed as opposed to the outgoing model's angular and stiff appearance.

From afar, the size of the new E-Class may appear similar as before, but official dimensions state otherwise. Standing at 4,923mm x 1,852mm x 1,468mm (L x W x H), it is actually 43mm longer but 2mm narrower and 6mm lower than the W212, and with a longer wheelbase of 2,939mm that translates to more interior space.

Tail lamps have the option of being equipped with some special effect to give them a 'stardust' look

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