Deregistering your car: A guide to LTA deregistration
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Is your COE expiring? Here's a guide if you need to check deregistration value, enquire on PARF/COE rebates, or you're looking to scrap your car.

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In Singapore, unless you've renewed your Certificate of Entitlement (COE), the lifespan of your car is capped at ten years. When your COE is close to expiring, and you're not planning to renew it, you must be wondering – should you export or scrap your car?

Be it scrap or export, there are many ways to go about it. If you're looking to deregister your car, and you're not sure how to do so, fret not! Here's a trusty guide on how deregistration works.
What is car deregistration?

The sad fate that awaits cars that have had their 10-year run
When you deregister a car, LTA gives you a sum of money in return. This sum of money is known as your car's deregistration value or paper value. It's useful to know how to calculate your car's deregistration value so that you'll know how much money you'll be getting back.

Your car's deregistration value is the sum of your COE rebate and the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebate. However, only "PARF cars" are entitled to both PARF rebates and COE rebates; "COE cars" are only entitled to COE rebates.

Find out what's the difference between PARF cars and COE cars.
Deregister your car with a Motor Dealer

Finding a dealer to deregister your car saves you a lot of unnecessary hassle and ensures the highest returns
For car deregistration and disposal services, you can approach your motor dealer for assistance. Be sure to visit trustworthy motor dealers to stay clear of unwanted problems.

Alternatively, you can check out sgCarMart's Quotz service. Whether it's scrap, export or dealing with tedious paperwork, Quotz will handle it all for you. They'll get the best quotations from dozens of scrapyards and direct vehicle exporters – saving you all the trouble and getting you the best returns.

With that blatant advertising plug out of the way, let's talk about DIY deregistration or deregistering your car with LTA.
Deregister your car with LTA by yourself

You can deregister your car with LTA by yourself. But, it's quite the tedious process. Ain't nobody got time for that
If you're feeling all independent, you'll need to take charge of all the paperwork by yourself.

You'll also need to ensure you follow proper procedures like towing your car to appointed zones and ensuring that you meet the stipulated deadlines under LTA's requirements.

Deregister your car via One Motoring (you have to log in with either your SingPass or CorpPass)

Some things to take note of

  • You'll receive payment from LTA based on the deregistration value (paper value) and unused road tax of your car in about two weeks upon submission of disposal documents
  • For the unused portion of your car insurance, you will have to contact your insurer separately for the refund
  • Under the law, once you deregister your car, you are not allowed to drive in it. Therefore, drive your car to the disposal point before starting the deregistration process online to save on towing fees
Where to dispose your car after deregistration

Upon deregistering your car, you'll need to dispose of it and submit proof of its disposal within a month. Failure to submit proof of your car's disposal is a serious offence. Here are your disposal options:

  • Exporting it
Scrap & Export your Car
Get quotations from 100+ LTA authorised scrapyards & exporters in Singapore.

Car Scrapyards

Car scrapyards like its name suggests, will scrap your car for parts or metal
Thankfully, with LTA's digital services, you can submit any relevant documents online!

For car owners sending their registered cars to an LTA appointed scrapyard, you must log in to your OneMotoring account via SingPass/CorpPass to submit an online application.

Car owners that are ineligible for Singpass/CorpPass can visit LTA's Customer Service.

For the application process, you'll need:
  • The completed deregistration form;
  • Original NRIC for Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and Malaysians, or passport for foreigners other than Malaysians;
  • Any outstanding road tax fees on the day of car's deregistration
Once you've completed the online application, you can proceed to tow your car to any of the LTA-appointed scrapyards. For identification purposes, do bring along the completed deregistration documents.

If there are any PARF and COE rebates, applicable outstanding road tax or late renewal fees, LTA will notify the last registered user of the car.

Do take note of the date given to you on the online application form – that's the date you'll need to get your car scrapped by.
Temporary Storage Pending Export at an EPZ

The same procedures apply, for sending your car to an LTA appointed scrapyard and sending it to an EPZ. However, instead of sending your car to a scrapyard, your car will be awaiting export in the EPZ.

Upon submitting an online application, you must send your car to an EPZ operator within five calendar days. You can store a car in the EPZ for a maximum duration of 12 months from the car's deregistration date – so remember to keep to the timeline!  
How to export your car

Log in to your OneMotoring account via Singpass/CorpPass to export your car. You'll need to upload your export documents through the "Upload Disposal Document" function within a month.

You must submit all necessary disposal documents through the OneMotoring website. No physical submissions to LTA will be allowed. They don't like it physical.
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Scrap & Export your Car
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  • Hassle free documentation
  • Immediate encashment

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