Best car sharing rental options for 2021 (latest prices)
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Enjoy cheaper hourly car rentals with these ongoing promotions. Here's your 2021 guide to the best budget car rental promotions in Singapore.

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If you know someone who loves to drive but can't afford a car, this car sharing rental guide might come in handy. Find out which car sharing rental company best suits your needs, and more importantly, your budget.

Tribecar (Best hourly rates)

Keep overheads low with Tribecar's 'lower-than-bus-and-train' hourly rates
Tribecar understands all your financing, maintenance and COE woes. With 400+ locations islandwide, it offers hourly car rental rates to make cars accessible to everyone. Tribecar's cars can be driven into Malaysia and used as private hire with Grab.

Unique selling proposition: $0.50/hr is as cheap as taking a bus (almost)! Plus, you don't need to pay hefty car rental rates to be a Grab driver. Do check out whether Tribecar has any of the most 7 popular hire cars for Grab rental.

Fineprint: You need to pay a security deposit of $100 and have at least two years of driving experience. "New Drivers", (less than two years driving experience and/or 22 years and below), need to fork out an additional security deposit of $100 and a surcharge of 30% per booking. Note that if you return the car with the reserve fuel indicator lit up, you'll need to pay for a Fuel Top-up Charge.

Tribecar's attractive rates:

Timing Rates
Super off-peak rate (12:00am-6:00am) $4.28/hr
Off-peak rate (6:00am-7:00am, 11:00am-5:00pm, 11:00pm-12:00am) $6.42/hr                                                                                                      
Peak rate (7:00am-11:00am, 5:00pm-11:00pm and 5:00pm onwards for Fridays) $10.70/hr
Daily (Mon-Thur) $90.95
Daily (Fri-Sun) $112.35
Weekly $642

Car Club (Best for personalised discounts)

Car Club wants to reward you with personalised discounts (only if you frequently rent from them)
Car Club has been around since 1997, and they're the very first car sharing rental platform in Singapore. You can book a car from Car Club 15 minutes to 60 days in advance with a wide selection to choose from. Popular choices include the Nissan Note, Volkswagen Polo and Suzuki Ciaz.

While it does not have any ongoing year-end promotions, Car Club has an extensive range of plans for you to select. Do note that you need to use the Car Club app to enjoy personalised discounts and seasonal promotions.

Unique selling proposition: You'll receive personalised car rental promotions based on the accumulative hours of car rental usage. The more you rent from them, the better your discount!

Fineprint: You need to be at least 22 years old and have two years of driving experience. For Singaporeans/PRs and foreigners/work-pass holders, you'll need to pay a refundable deposit fee of $100 and $200 respectively. Return the car with at least a quarter tank, or there will be a surcharge of $16.05.

Here's the basic plan:

Weekdays Rates
First hour $10
Next 15 minutes $2.50
Daily per 24 hours $80                     

Weekends and Public Holidays Rates
First hour $11
Next 15 minutes $2.75
Daily per 24 hours $132                                    

BlueSG (Best per-minute rates)

$0.33 a minute and save the Earth while you're at it. It's a win-win
BlueSG is the first electric car rental platform in Singapore. It has 500+ BlueSG self-service locations islandwide that are available 24/7. If you're at a hotspot for BlueSG users, you can pay an additional dollar or two to reserve your car for 30 minutes.

Its collaboration with DBS rewards new electric car rental users with a free one-month subscription and a 30 minutes car rental usage worth $17.90 under the BlueSG Basic Plan.

Unique selling proposition: It's affordable for university students in need of a budget car rental. You just need to worry about per-minute billing, and you don't even need to worry about parking fees or petrol. Also, driving BlueSG's electric cars lets you do your part for the environment.

Fineprint: Drivers will need to be at least 20 years old with a driving license of one year. There is no official payable deposit sum, and all you need to pay is the membership fee per month. Do not park in a reserved BlueSG parking lot or face a $50 fine. Additionally, it would be best if you remembered to tap out on the kiosk before charging the car or a red error light indicating that your trip has not ended will appear, and you'll need to call the customer service hotline for assistance.

BlueSG keeps it simple:

What Rates
Membership fee $8/month
Car rental $0.33/min        

If you're looking for similar no deposit companies like BlueSG, here are some other 'no deposit needed' car rental companies to check out.

WhizzCar (Best credit card promotions)

You can get up to $240 in driving credits if you sign up with a DBS/POSB credit card 
WhizzCar claims that it's the "logical alternative" car rental company for car owners who park their cars more than use it. It factors in all your road taxes, insurance, servicing and repairs, petrol, parking and even ERP to bring you the most attractive car rental rates. You can also use its cars for private hire purposes.

Unique selling proposition: New members get $200 driving credits when they sign up with a DBS/POSB card or as a Sembcorp Power Member. You can also receive an additional $40 driving credits if you refer Whizzcar to a friend. Plus, with Whizzcar, you don't need the hassle of collecting car keys before you drive – your fob unlocks the car with the keys inside.

Fineprint: There's a one-time registration fee of $107, and you have to be at least 21 years old with a minimum of one-year driving experience. There is also a $100 refundable deposit payable upon registration. Don't worry about petrol prices, just refuel the car to half tank before returning the car and use the Speedpass to pay for petrol.

Here are its basic rates for Super Economy under the Standard plan:

Timing Rates
First hour $13
Next 15 minutes $5.97
Daily per 24 hours $127.12
Business hours (8:00am-7:00pm) $66.23
Overnight (9:00pm-6:00pm) $35.79
Additional per km charge $0.43                                         

Car Lite (Best 15-minute car rentals)

At $0.60 per 15-minute blocks, Car Lite offers car rental options that are more affordable than taking a bus and a train... combined
Car Lite sets itself apart from the rest with its outstanding 15-minute affordable car rental. You can activate your account and get it approved in just one hour, sparing yourself the long-drawn hassle of registering for traditional car rental schemes.

Unique selling proposition: Its 15-minute car rental rates are cheaper than taking a grab or taxi and even a bus or train!

Fineprint: There's a $100 refundable deposit payable upon registration. Drivers who are less than 22 years old and/or have less than two years of driving experience will need to pay an additional $200 refundable security deposit as well. Remember to return the car with at least a quarter tank of gas or there will be a surcharge of $15.

These are its promotional rates:

Timing Rates
Mon-Fri (12:00am-5:00pm) $0.60 (Usual $1)/15-minutes
All other timing $1.60 (No promotion)/15-minutes
Daily per 24 hours (Mon-Thur)      $54 (Usual $60)
Daily per 24 hours (Fri-Sun) $68 (Usual $80)
Weekly $420 (No promotion)           

Shariot (Best super off-peak rates)

Super-off peak timings start from 12-midnight to 5:59am. Spend the money you save on extra pratas
Shariot just launched this October 2020, making it the newest budget car sharing rental company in Singapore. It has at least 250 cars available across 85 strategic locations in Singapore, and you can even drive to Malaysia for an additional fee of $20.

Their promotion, which ends on 1st December 2020, allows the first 2000 rentals to enjoy a 20% discount.

Unique selling proposition: Thanks to Shariot's super-off peak rates, having midnight supper with your family or friends is a lot cheaper with lower transportation costs.

Fineprint: Drivers have to be at least 22 years old and possess a driving license for two years. There's also a refundable security deposit of $100 payable upon registration. Unlike most car sharing rental companies, once you're done with the car, Shariot requires you to leave your car where you picked it up from initially. If you return the car with less than a quarter tank, there's a penalty fee of $30.

These are the rates for the Shariot Saver car:

Timing Rates
Super off-peak (12:00am-5:59am) $1/hr
Off-peak (6:00am-5:59pm) $3/hr
Peak (6:00pm-11:59pm) $5/hr                                         
GetGo (easiest setup process, no stopping for fuel necessary)

You won't have to refuel the car when sharing with GetGo, potentially saving you precious time
Launched in Singapore in February 2021, GetGo may be the newest entry into the car sharing sector here, but it has big aspirations, with plans to expand its vehicle into a 400-stong fleet, while making its cars available in over 300 locations across Singapore.

The firm also states it plans to utilise best-in-class tech in order to perform predictive cleaning and maintenance of its vehicles. And the best part? Users of the GetGo car sharing service will not have to waste time refuelling the vehicles themselves, since GetGo will refuel the cars for customers.

Unique selling proposition: GetGo's registration process is integrated with MyInfo, so you don't have to manually enter your personal information in order to setup an account. Furthermore, car sharing is made more convenient with GetGo since you won't have to stop for fuel in the midst of driving the car.

Since 29 April 2021, GetGo has adopted a pay-as-you-go policy, so you only get charged for the time charge based on the length of the booking upon confirming the booking, and once the booking is completed, the mileage charge based on the mileage driven will be levied. So don't even bother asking if there are any hidden costs.

Fineprint: Drivers have to be at least 19 years of age with at least one year of driving experience.

These are the rates for the a 'Standard' car from GetGo:

Timing Rates
Off-Peak (12:00am-5:59am, weekdays and weekends) $3/hr
Normal (6:00am-5:59am weekdays) $6/hr
Peak (6:00pm-11:59pm weekdays, 6:00am-11:59pm weekends) $9/hr                                                                                  

Do note that GetGo additionally levies a mileage charge at $0.40 per km.

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*This article was updated on 12 April 2021

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