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The popular carsharing service GetGo has decided to abandon any membership fees and pre-deposits on its platform to give its users the ultimate peace of mind.

29 Apr 2021 | Local News : Singapore

GetGo is targeting to become the carsharing service with the greatest transparency and least hassle when it comes to its charging strategy here in Singapore, thanks to its new pay-as-you-go policy.

Having burst onto the carsharing scene less than two months ago, the carsharing service has gained traction rapidly, with a claimed user base now in excess of 20,000.

Booking from GetGo now no longer comes with any pesky pre-deposits or prepaid credit top-ups
From the get-go (pun intended), the company has focused on providing Singapore's simplest, most flexible, and most accessible carsharing service.

And now easy carsharing has been elevated to a new level thanks to the firm's Pay-As-You-Go policy.

While other existing carsharing companies require either a cash deposit or prepaid credit top-ups before you can get behind the wheel of a car, GetGo's new policy means that carsharing on the platform no longer needs any pre-booking holds, and users will only be charged for the fees they have incurred.

And yes, that means that GetGo is no longer charging that $200 pre authorisation fee that it used to when new users first set up an account.

The new pay-as-you-go-policy is designed to giver platform users maximum peace of mind and flexibilty when it comes to their mobility arrangements
What this means in practice is that you as a user, will only be charged for the time charge based on the length of the booking upon confirming the booking, and once the booking is completed, the mileage charge based on the mileage driven will be levied.

You pay exactly for what they have used, no more and no less. Friendly reminder: GetGo also does not charge any membership or subscription fees, and currently has the simplest sign up process thanks to integration with MyInfo.

Oh, and did we mention that you don't even have to top up the petrol you use on the car you book when carsharing with GetGo?

Existing users on the platform will also enjoy 25% off the mileage charge (with no cap) for one booking when they use the code 'NODEPOSGCM', valid until 5 May 2021.

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