Why car cameras are essential for any car in Singapore
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Car cameras can save you lots of money when you're involved in a car accident, but that's not all! Find out what else you can use a car camera for!

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Car cameras are incredibly useful for making car accident reports in Singapore. If you don't have a car camera, it's time you consider buying one.

Here are reasons why you should get a car camera:
  • Records car accidents on the roads
  • Speeds up car accident claims process
  • Lowers car insurance premiums
  • Catches parking lot culprits
  • Deters thefts and break-ins
  • They're affordable
Records car accidents on the roads

Revisit the incident and submit the footage to your insurer
Witnessed a car accident or spotted a traffic infringement on the roads? You can check your car camera to revisit what happened and upload the footage on Facebook. Singaporeans love giving their 'two-cents' on stupid/reckless drivers.

The car camera footage can also be used as eye-witness evidence and its especially crucial when the involved parties don't own one themselves.
Speeds up car accident claims process

If you're making a car insurance claim after a car accident in Singapore, simply submit the car camera footage of the accident to your insurer and they'll settle the rest.

Car cameras capture indisputable evidence that insurers use to determine 'whose fault was it'. Ambiguities regarding liability are quickly resolved and insurers can close your case conclusively and efficiently.

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Lowers car insurance premiums

If you're innocent, video evidence would be a lot more convincing than just 'your word'
Some insurers like Direct Asia car insurance reward car owners with a 4% discount off their car insurance premiums if they have a car camera installed. 4% might seem like peanuts but it adds up over the 10 years of owning your car.

Furthermore, you can keep your No-Claims Discount (NCD) when your car camera provides invaluable evidence of your innocence in a car accident (provided that it was not your fault of course).
Catches parking lot culprits

The best kind of car cameras are the ones that record 24/7
Car cameras are useful if someone 'hit and runs' your car - where the culprit drives off after kissing your car bonnet or scratching your doors.

Thankfully, your car camera sees everything. It'll help insurers or the police catch the culprit. The best car cameras have night-vision and record all day, giving you surveillance 24/7.
Deters thefts and break-ins

Even if you know how to drive safely on the roads in Singapore, you're not spared from thefts and break-ins. It's a very unlikely occurrence in Singapore so you don't have to worry. But, it's always good to be safe than sorry. 
They're affordable

Invest in a good-quality in-car camera that can give insurers a clear view
Car camera prices range from the low to mid hundreds. Consider going for the higher-end car cameras that can shoot in HD and capture the other driver's blackheads.

It's reassuring to have that blinking light on your windscreen. People will think twice before messing around with your car.
Which car camera is good in Singapore?

Here are some recommendations to consider:
There are tons of car cameras and car camera workshops in the market for you to choose from. Some car cameras have screens, while others don't. If you're a little lost on how to choose one, here are some in-car camera purchasing tips.
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