7 signs you need a car battery replacement
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Why wait until your car battery starts smelling like rotten eggs? Here are the 7 signs you need a car battery replacement.

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Dying car batteries can leave you stranded with a dead car. If your car battery is 3-5 years old, it's time you get it checked at the workshop. Generally, you change your battery every two to three years.

Seven signs you need a car battery replacement:
  • Your car battery is pretty old
  • Head lights aren't as bright anymore
  • Electrical issues are popping up
  • Something smells really bad
  • Engine starts up slowly
  • Battery terminals are corroded
  • Dashboard displays warning signal

1. Your car battery is pretty old

Replace your car battery every two to three years - depending on how many electrical components you have in the car
Drivers usually opt for car battery replacement every three years. Others change it more frequently because their cars have more electrical parts, which puts a greater strain on the car's battery.

If you don't use your car regularly and it's often idle for a long time, it's time for a car battery replacement. The less you use the car, the weaker the battery and the faster it dies. Take your car out for a spin now and then to charge the battery up! I even drive to the coffee shop three blocks away, but that's because I'm lazy.

Here's how you keep your car ready to go if you're still working from home.
2. Head lights aren't as bright anymore

Dim head lights may look cool but they won't be if you get into an accident
Dim or flickering head lights are the most obvious signs of a car battery that needs replacing. Though it is only apparent at night or when it's raining - when you need your head lights.

Even if your head lights brighten up when you accelerate, it won't last. You do not want to get in an accident because of a dead battery at night.
3. Electrical issues are popping up

If everything isn't working as they are supposed to, there's a simple solution - change your car battery!
It's not a coincidence if your cabin's overhead lights are weak and your windows are rolling up and down slowly. Look out for other slow responses in your power locks, sunroofs, stereo sound and navigation system - any electrical fault can be a cry for help from your dying car battery.

If you're ever so unlucky to be stranded with a dead car, here are some battery replacement workshops with roadside emergency services or if you're a member of the Automobile Association of Singapore, call them.
4. Something smells bad

Dying car batteries smell like a combination of rotten eggs, fart and a sewage drain
If you smell something bad in the car, don't start blaming everyone for farting.

Dying car batteries smell like rotten eggs. That's because the water and sulfuric acid mixture in old batteries get disrupted from evaporation, boils over and leaks out - which explains the stinky sulfurous odour that overwhelms your nostrils and stings your eyes.

Plus, the leak can corrode your other engine parts, so drive to the nearest workshop straight away and get that battery replaced.
5. Engine starts up slowly

If your car behaves sluggishly and can't crank up quickly, that's a tell-tale sign of a dying car battery. You're experiencing a longer response time or lag because there's insufficient electrical current to power up the ignition system and starting motor.
6. Battery terminals are corroded

It does not mean 'out of sight, out of mind' - there could be some serious problems below the terminals
If you spot a white substance building up on your car battery's cable connectors, it means you have corroded terminals. These white bits can hinder the flow of electric currents passing through the terminals, affecting the electrical supply to your car's electronic parts.

Cleaning away the white substance is only a temporary solution - there might be more serious underlying problems.

Don't want to leave your car in the workshop for a day or two? Here are some onsite car battery recovery & replacement service providers you can go to.
7. Dashboard displays warning signal

If your car tells you there's a problem with the battery, don't procrastinate
Newer vehicles have dashboard signals for car battery issues. It's your car's way of telling you 'there's a problem, fix it'. Listen to your car, and don't procrastinate.

Depending on your car model, the sign(s) could indicate a battery problem, an alternator fault or some malfunctioning electrical part.

Suggestion? Do your research on car batteries and related tools. Car battery prices usually range around $150 to $300. Anything cheaper, it might be a scam.
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