Looking for a used luxury car? Here are the five most listed models
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The chances of finding a used European luxury car in relatively good condition are higher if you search for a popular model. Here are the five most listed models on Sgcarmart!

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Buying a brand-new European luxury car is out of the question for many drivers, no thanks to astronomical COE premiums. However, acquiring a pre-owned one is possible, since a used one generally is more affordable.

Now, while there's no sure-fire way of knowing that a pre-owned luxury car is in good condition, you'll at least have more options to choose from if that model has numerous listings. Listings with the Sgcarmart Warranty can give you some peace of mind as well.

Here, we've rounded up the five most listed luxury models that you may want to check out. 

1. Mercedes-Benz CLA180

Listings: 220

The CLA-Class has the bling factor, thanks to the available 'diamond-studded' front grille
If there's one model that can put the C-Class in the shade, it's Mercedes' swanky-looking CLA-Class, which has become the luxury sedan (the brand refers to it as a four-door coupe, though) that many who are new to the brand aspire to own.

There's a more useful variant of the CLA, too, and it's called the CLA Shooting Brake. This station wagon offers greater practicality and versatility compared to the saloon, and is arguably even better-looking as well.

As a Cat A model, the CLA180 has the most listings. However, for buyers seeking greater driveability, there are plenty of ads for the more powerful CLA200 and CLA45 AMG as well.

Check out the CLA180 listings here!

2. Mercedes-Benz E200

Listings: 211

The evergreen E-Class will continue to be produced alongside the all-electric EQE model
Till today, the E-Class remains Mercedes' most popular model worldwide. In Singapore, the executive saloon boasts such a following that its use as a taxi has not dented its branding.

More than its well-appointed cabin and roomy backseat, the E-Class is also seen by many as a reflection of their success, and is favoured by managers and towkays alike.

Numerous examples of the W212 model, produced from 2009 to 2016 can still be found. However, if it's the current car that interests you, shop for the facelifted W213 model that arrived in 2021. Apart from the better amenities, it also comes with a useful boost in performance.

Click here to see our E200 listings!

3. Mercedes-Benz C180 Avantgarde

Listings: 165

The C-Class resembles a smaller S-Class, adding to its upmarket vibe
Though the CLA is now preferred by more buyers, the C180 remains the actual entry point to Mercedes' saloon lineup. It offers good refinement and performance, and the all-important three-pointed star.

There are plenty of W205 models (produced from 2014 to 2021) to look through, but if you want something newer, there are several listings for the current-generation model (W206) as well.

The latter is like a smaller version of the S-Class, especially given how the share the same instrumentation and tablet-like infotainment screen. Buyers who need a car to "tide them over" till COE levels hopefully come down can also browse listings for the even older W204 model.

Check out the C180 Avantgarde listings here!

4. Mercedes-Benz GLA180

Listings: 162

The first-generation GLA180 was admired for its outdoorsy looks and cushy ride quality
With a blend of ride comfort, punchy performance and that coveted three-pointed star, the first-generation GLA became one of the most in-demand premium SUVs in Singapore, with units coming from both the authorised dealer and parallel importers.

The latest, second-generation model was also highly sought after. Key improvements include a roomier and more advanced cabin (thanks to a longer wheelbase and wider body), along with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system.

Making the GLA180 even more attractive is the fact that it remains a Cat A model, which in the current COE climate, is a key consideration for many buyers.

Head over here to check out the listings for the GLA180!

5. BMW X1 sDrive18i

Listings: 94

The facelifted second-generation X1, which offers an improved driving experience, arrived in Singapore in 2020 
This baby X model has been a hit since the first-generation model arrived over a decade ago. With an SUV body style and BMW's reputation for sporty handling, the X1's compact dimensions are also the right size for many suburbanites here.

The second-generation model has the most listings by far. It arrived in 2015 and was produced till 2022, which is when the third-generation X1 arrived.

Buyers who aren't fussy can opt for the sDrive18i variant, though better performance can be had by choosing the sDrive20i model. Either way, you'll be getting a compact SUV that's practical, flexible, and drives well, too.

Browse the X1 sDrive18i listings here.

*The number of listings is correct at time of writing.

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