COTY 2016
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The Mitsubishi Attrage's low weight and small powertrain translate that this is a car that will remain fuel efficient no matter how hard you decide to drive it. Powered by a 1.2-litre DOHC engine that produces 77bhp and 100Nm of torque, it averages fuel consumption figures of 13.5km/L even with a heavy right foot. This compact sedan is undoubtedly an attractive choice that's capable on city streets and easy on the wallet.
  • Come across Attrage during Nov 2016 Car Show at Singapore Expo. My first impression is: "Not Bed!"
    Proceed to test drive this fashionable ECO Sedan the following weekend. With a 1.2L DOHC 3-cylinder in line 12-valve MIVEC engine, its Power (78Ps) & Torque (100Nm) may seemed unimpressive but the drive is comfortable & fun. Thank to its INVECS-III CVT gearbox, acceleration / deceleration become silky smooth. Class leading turning radius of 4.8m make it easy to make U-turns & cut corners in tight Singapore road conditions. Do not expect it to offer fast pickup though as 0-100Km requires 14 seconds. Overall, I had an agile & relaxed drive!
    Externally, Attrage looks simple but modern. Its front grill offers onlookers with a "Smiley face" That would cheer anybody up. It's aerodynamic body allows it to slip through the wind and lower noise, raise fuel efficiency, while enhance handling stability. With a solid RISE constructed body of high tensile strength steel weighting only 905Kg, no wonder Attrage could offer 20.8Km/L fuel ecomony.
    Internally, Attrage offers ample legrooms front & back for up to 5 passengers. Its a pleasant surprise to see Attrage equipped with Keyless Entry, Start/Stop Engine Button, Full Auto Air-conditioner and a sizable 450L boot space.
    Overall, Attrage is an excellent little work horse offering safe & comfortable transportation from point A to point B. For those in need of an entry level but well equipped car with large boot space and superb fuel efficiency, Attrage is an ideal choice.
    I had placed my order and had secured a COE for an Attrage. Would you follow suit?
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  • First off, you are a university student that just graduated, and looking for a job. Face with many options and opportunities, you decide to try your luck and become an entrepreneur. So you start with sales, but you need a car and you do not have much capital. This car solves all problems, it can seat five people, which means it can sit your customers, it is fuel efficient, so it will not burn a hole in your pocket. The price of this car even with COE is very value for money as compared to other compact sedans in the same category. If you need to travel a lot and want to spent the least, Mistubishi Attrage is the choice for you!
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  • Went for a test drive and found that its quite ok to drive. 42L of fuel means monthly, in a worst case scene, you will spend like $90sgd / week, = $360/ month. In addition to the monthly loan payment. With a rod tax of $506/yr = $42/ month, carpark is about $110/month. Really a POINT A to POINT B car cannot say too much already. Its way cheaper den 2nd hand in the whole market. Not forgetting this is with 10-year COE. Do some sums and you will know what i mean. However must take sometime to adapt to the drive... Its really a 3-cylinder engine mated to a CVT gearbox....
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  • Very impressive car, good fuel efficient, clock 20.6km/L
    can't accept the fact it was only a 3 inline
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  • Drove my Attrage for a month now. This is great for Singapore point A to B travel where traffic jams are common. Overall a great car and very highly value for money.
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  • Had the chance to drive this nifty little car for a full day with a popular car-sharing startup. Here's what I think of the car:
    Exterior: ok-looking exterior, not exactly a head turner but you wont be put off by its looks either.
    Interior: looks slightly dated, but has the essentials for a drive. Radio factory built, USB port hidden in the glove box. Buttons on steering wheel limited to radio controls. Speedo display button the old-school type. However, there are some good features, such as the push start button and a fold mirror switch, which some advanced cars do not have (such as a 2012 prius C)
    Legroom is reasonable and would consider it decent for its size. Rear seats slightly cramped for 3 full-sized adults.
    The drive: Being a 3-cylinder car, it sounds slightly strained during start off. The start-off rumble is reminiscent of a muted version of the M113 through the first couple of gears. Then said, it is reasonably sound-proofed and gets up to speed in reasonable time. Handling is nifty, even though the steering feels a tinge heavier than the prius C. A few corners could be felt (and of course the rear occupants complained) but otherwise pretty stable.
    Shifting from P to D, can feel a light jerk sometimes. Not sure if this is normal.
    FC: pretty frugal considering I did almost 120km. Fuel indicator dropped 1 bar. I consider myself a mid-to heavy footer.
    The Attrage certainly feels like a first-gen Vios in some ways but is approx. 20k cheaper and sips less fuel then the current model. If you need a basic car to run errands and your family structure is small, this is the car to get.
    I personally think its a pretty good replacement to the non-ex version of the lancer.
    (Note: the car I reviewed had 10k mileage on it prior to my drive)
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  • Test drove 3 cars around the same price. This was the last one and I committed on the spot. It was comfortable, easy to handle, and comes with a lot of premium features for its price range. Couldn't ask for more.
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  • First impression, did not feel that iit is a 3 cyl engine when driving, I had driven the Charade many year back and can tell what it was like driving a 3 cyl engine back then. Acceleration is smooth and once the desired speed is reach, ease off the pedal and the eco light came on. Bear in mind this is an economy car and not high performance we are looking at.
    Space wise and cabin comfort, no complain, big space for a small cc engine. For normal driving and with this budget, value for money. Will not write too much because I had only gone for a test drive, should I buy this car then I can give a detail report.
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Winner of last year's Compact Sedan of the Year title, Mitsubishi's small sedan continues to rule as the number one little city car that's big on doing what it does well.

Born in an era of engine downsizing, this fuel-efficient 1.2-litre sedan continues to win hearts and minds. Easy to drive, functional, inexpensive to buy and frugal to run, the Attrage has revolutionised the compact car segment with its outstanding fuel economy and cheap running costs.

Measuring 4,245mm x 1,670mm x 1,515mm (L x W x H), the Attrage is bigger and more practical than its hatchback sibling (not available in Singapore) but smaller than most of its other rivals in the market.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Attrage's cabin is surprisingly spacious thanks to its long wheelbase of 2,550mm. This translates to a generous amount of leg and headroom in the back for three adults. Plus, its 450-litre trunk is capable of swallowing a pram, child's seat, foldable bicycles, and golf or grocery bags depending on the type of lifestyle of its driver.

Mitsubishi's designers have also successfully eliminated the hatchback-to-sedan stigma by giving the Attrage a swooping roofline and sporty stance. In addition to that, its sharp-looking head lights make it look mature and sophisticated.

The Attrage's CVT gearbox accentuates its naturally aspirated engine's willingness to help pedal the 905kg car along at a respectable pace. Its low weight and small engine also mean this car won't need too many stops at the petrol kiosk.

Ticking all the right boxes for a practical compact sedan, you and the family can rest assured that the Attrage is the best in its class. More importantly, for a city car that's always caught in stop-start traffic, the Attrage's frugal fuel economy has certainly gone a long way.