COTY 2015
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Building on its rich legacy and setting new benchmarks in refinement and spacious comfort, the Lexus ES is designed with the highest level of attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship inspired by its flagship model, the Lexus LS. Notably, such a perfection can also be experienced from the way the car drives and handles on our roads. Comfort triumphs sportiness in this ES, providing a pliant and cushy ride without any difficulty.



  • Test drive Merc C180 and Lexus ES250 on the same day. Different car has it's feel. Has always been a Toyota fan, always love the service provided by Borneo motors. Lexus showroom and service center is another excellent level on top of Borneo motors.
    Lexus ES250 has very responsive feel and the power is just nice for family car. Not too high and not too low.
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  • Came back to the Lexus brand after owning a German brand for 6 years. There is a sense of solidity with the German brand that is different from the Lexus. The downside to all that weight is that it would take forever for the Mercedes to kick down a gear to accelerate. The ES does it so much better than the Mercedes. I have already done a SIN-KUL drive and it was smooth and effortless. My family loves the space compared to the Mercedes. For the price, it comes with all the bells and whistles while every feature was an added option with the Mercedes.
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  • The car stands out in the crowd with the aggressive front look.
    It has a different character from my 528i. While BMW engages dynamic driving, ES encourages leisurely driving. Changing between these 2 cars is like switching between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
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  • Switching over from my BMW523i E60, test drove new BMW520i, 528i, Genesis etc, none beats the overall image and performance of the face lift ES250 luxury (same choice within my whole family).
    Got to admit handling wise not as superb as my old BMW523i but the spacious internal, fierce yet elegant outlook, smooth/comfort drive, luxury touch and realiability etc as a whole offers a much better experience than my old car.
    It's a clear choice for my family and me. :)
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  • One of the best car I wan to own, reliable Japan made, with the change of design which is sporty look with a class of its own. Really wish that I am driving one now.
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  • Always a Toyota fan.. Never dare to walk into the showroom but glad to take the first step... Lexus forever..
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  • With the offers for ES 250 ( 14 K insurance and loan discounts + 18 K overtrade ) this Lexus looked pretty interesting. Took for a test drive and found it more than adequate for Singapore roads. The 4 pot engine was smooth enough and pushing it was possible and the sounds were well suppressed with good insulation. The ride was very comfortable and the interior is well appointed with lots of leg space for the back. I really could not fault the car and have been tempted to trade in my 8 year old Jaguar XJ6 which however still in near mint condition. Very "sayang". Handling was adequate and fairly neutral. Its the sort of car that will eat up the NS highway comfortably and restfully and cope with the winding roads of highlands safely. The chassis is based on the Toyota Avalon ( not Camry ) and the car has good presence when parked next to an LS 460 in terms of size and design. I think it would be the Lexus of choice for me in terms of value.
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The ES is the sixth generation version of the mid-sized luxury sedan that has proved to be the Japanese carmaker's best-selling product both locally and globally for a number of years for being a leisurely cruiser that is big on opulence and interior space.

Although the ES may slot in just below the IS range but spatially it offers accommodation closer to that of the GS - think of it as the spacious and comfortable alternative to the more dynamically focused IS and GS ranges. For the sixth instalment, it now wears a sharp and bold face carried by younger members of Lexus' lineup and the car's aggressively styled sheet metal bears a distinct road presence that is easily recognisable wherever it goes.

On the inside, Shimamoku wood trims line the lush and luxurious cabin that sports high quality materials, supple leather and excellent fit and finish. With the ES, expressing that the cabin is comfortable is simply stating the obvious. No matter which seat you occupy in the ES - it will always be a genuinely pleasant experience.

Lexus' excellent pairing of the 2.5-litre naturally aspirated engine that makes 180bhp and 235Nm of torque and a six-speed ECT automatic transmission allows the ES250 to get up to speed in a refined and cultured manner - allowing you to cultivate a driving style skewed towards grace rather than pace. And despite the car's exceptionally pliant ride, it doesn't lean around corners to the extent that one might expect - in fact, it feels decidedly surefooted.

When it comes to luxury sedans like the ES, it is ridiculous refinement and the attention to details that counts and the ES easily proves itself as a leader in a class.