The Golf Variant takes the well-balanced recipe that makes the Golf the quintessential hatchback and pushes the boundaries to offer more space and practicality.

Its cabin is the same pleasant and comfortable design as found on the hatchback, with the added practicality and versatility of 605 litres of boot space. And needless to say, it's quick enough and easy to drive, too. While hatchbacks may be a dime a dozen on our roads, the Golf Variant is a clear example of why sometimes it's a good idea to pick something a little different.
Like its hatchback counterpart, the Golf Variant offers a great combination of space, practicality and driveability. With the familiar, handsome front end, there is clearly no compromise of style despite the increased space inside, which brings practicality up several notches.

Available with a 1.4-litre engine that delivers 123bhp and 200Nm of torque, the Golf Variant is no slouch. The engine has ample punch that makes for smooth and easy acceleration, while the seamless DSG gearbox completes the package.

Stepping into the Variant, you will notice the lack of differences from the Golf hatchback, which isn't a bad thing at all. As it can be seen, the similarities extend past the front fascia to the interior, offering the same level of ergonomics and quality of fit and finish.

Lengthening the hatchback version by a mere 309mm nets a massive boot space of 605 litres that can easily accommodate all of your belongings. The rear benches can also be knocked down, which increases the boot space to a whopping 1,620 litres, pushing the envelope on functionality. At just 4,567mm long, and with a similar wheelbase as the hatchback, there is also no compromise in terms of driveability or manoeuvrability. In fact, it is still shorter than most typical sedans.

The very fact that the Variant retains so much goodness of the Golf hatchback we love, value-added with a larger rear end and a more grown-up personality, makes it a leader in its class.