The X7 is BMW's flagship SUV that sits atop a lineup of six smaller SUVs. The '7' moniker has always been reserved for the flagship BMW sedans, where luxury is guaranteed. This is also clearly the case for the X7.

The spacious interior seats seven adults comfortably, and is lined with luxurious leather and comfortable seats - the third row of seats even comes with decorative trim, ambient light, two cup holders and its own glass roof! Between its luxurious interior chock full of features and its excellently damped ride, there is no denying the true luxury credential of the new X7.
BMW's flagship SUV is all that you would expect - huge, luxurious, comfortable and packed to the brim with technology. The X7 is the pinnacle of BMW's luxury SUV lineup, deserving of the '7' moniker that has adorned the German marque's flagship sedans.

Measuring more than five metres long , two metres wide and almost two metres tall, the sheer size of the X7 is the first thing that crosses the mind of onlookers. The front end features the iconic BMW kidney grille, flanked by a pair of sleek and elegant head lights.

Open the doors on the X7 and you will be greeted by an extremely spacious cabin outfitted with plush leather seats and trimmings. As expected of a flagship BMW, the level of technology found inside the X7 is unlike what you will see in other lesser SUVs. It features an impressive infotainment system with more menus that you'll ever explore, and a ton of configuration options on just about everything in the cabin and buttons to adjust everything - from the massage intensity to the incline of the rear seats.

Powered by a responsive 3.0-litre engine that puts out 335bhp and 450Nm of torque, the X7 is no slouch despite its immense size and weight. In the handling department, BMW does a great job as usual, conquering corner with minimal body roll and excellent stability while still offering an extremely comfortable ride.

Should you desire even more opulence than what the standard X7 offers, you can check the box for the fancy Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof option, which is made up of more than 15,000 light elements!

The X7 is excessive in size, technology, features, comfort and many other things - it is just what you would expect from a flagship BMW, nothing less.