Crossover of the Year
The MG HS is once again competing for segment honours here thanks to an improved suite of safety features including Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist. These new features meet what remains to be a highly appointed interior, finished with plenty of leather and brushed aluminium for a premium driving experience. A punchy 1.5-litre unit that produces 160bhp and 250Nm also ensures unstrained acceleration, making the MG HS as well-rounded an SUV as ever.
Special Features
If you're looking for no-frills motoring in SUV form, this is just it. The MG HS has the no fuss design and a competent drivetrain that ensures you always arrive at your destination ready to tackle what needs to be done.
The MG HS offers all those looking for a no-frills SUV handsome looks, a reasonably comfortable drive, and quite the plus interior. What's not to like?
I owned an MG HS 1.5T on 31th Oct 2020. I registered the car as PHV, after 14 months my car mileages already clock 96,000KM. My package is 20,000Km or one year free service and three years warranty or 100,000KM with ever come first. Recently my car engine got some noise so I drive the car to agent service workshop, when I reached the workshop my car suddenly can't start the engine. The service agent take few hours also can't find out what is happening. The next day they called me and inform that my car in very serious condition, need to replace the gearbox and the clutch. The waiting time for the replacement around 3 months, the worse thing is the coast at $20,000++. The service agent told me is because I using the wrong gearbox oil so cause the engine problem. They even told me their oil expert smell the gearbox oil already know the oil i changed from outside workshop is not suitable for my MG car. I bring my car to outside workshop for checking and the mechanic said my car engine nothing wrong, even if there is faulty repair coast the most is few thousands. Because of the useless service agent any how said my car in very serious condition and try to con me for $20,000++ so I selling off my MG car. I'm so disappointed with the MG service workshop, they only know how to do the normal servicing like changing oils...
MG HS is by far the best car I have owned. Still loving it after 2 years. Engine is quiet, cabin is very stylist and modern. Well thought out cabin design with all the frills of a high end car ie. Sun/moon roof, sports seat, electronic seat adjustments on both sides, one touch window button, led lights, super sports button, etc. Price is affordable when I bought it at $99,888. No maintenance problems after 2 years of driving. Petrol consumption is reasonable, expected of a SUV at about average 12km per litre. Boot is of a good size and back passenger seats are roomy.
This year, we have opted to award the top prize for the segment to the MG HS. The accolade comes after the SUV managed to impress us with its well-rounded offerings that include a quality ride, competent drivetrain, and enhanced suite of safety systems.

A 1.5-litre engine does duty in the MG HS, pushing out a generous 160bhp and 250Nm of torque, which allows it to pull away strongly with every flex of your right foot.

And, the ride quality of the MG HS also impressed us, allowing all passengers within to carry on their journey without being fazed in the least, even when the roads throw up some terrible bumps. The fact that the MG HS offered up some quality seats also certainly helped affairs here.

There's also a quality cabin to look out for in the MG HS, complete with eye-catching colours and premium soft-touch leather throughout.

The fact that customers can now opt for their MG HS with new safety systems that include Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, features we are sure will be loved by families here, only serves to reinforce our opinion that the MG HS deserves to emerge as top of this segment.