SUV of the Year
Volkswagen Tiguan
The Tiguan's design reminds us of an upsized Golf - there's plenty of style and quite a bit of sportiness. Equipped with a 2.0-litre engine, it puts out a strong 187bhp and 320Nm of torque. With its 4Motion all-wheel drive system and Electronic Differential Lock, this SUV proves to be capable on and off-road. And, with its spacious, insulated and well-built cabin that makes the Tiguan a lovely place to be in, there's no doubt it is an excellent all-rounder.
Special Features
Comfort - good comfort when set to comfort and normal drive mode, made more comfortable by cabin space and upholstery.Reliability - not sure but read up about EA888 Evo4 and DQ381 gearbox; My take is that this engine should be reliable and wet gearbox itself is robust but may be caused by the MU if there is issue in normal operation / shifting of gears.Handling - very stable when driving and turning, 4motion model can accelerate while U-turn except being limited when detects wheel spin. Could reach 3-figure speeds without realizing because of how stable it is despite SUV stature. Acceleration is brisk especially in sport mode. Turbo felt like spooling half a second to release boost in normal mode means need some getting used to / practice.Exterior styling - akin to a well groomed and dress gentleman with a hint of sportiness (R-line trim). Fake exhaust garnish not every one's liking. Well put together as evident in the small gaps and tight fit of different parts of vehicle. Probably exceeds the built of those luxury brands in similar price range.Interior design - being mostly dark gray implied somewhat conservative and boring design; Saving grace being ambient lighting (31 colors iirc) with some matt silver trims, white tubing on dark gray leather seats and digital cockpit. Again, all parts appeared and felt well put together with almost no squeaks (unless deliberately exert significant strength). Centre console didn't even budge trying to push it side to side.Features - wireless Carplay and AA, can play external media using thumbdrive. HU, aircon all touch controls. Steering controls combo of touch / press. Both front electric seats with lumbar adjustment. 360 cam. Rear seats recline and traverse adjustable; Knock down level from tailgate side provided. No driver assist techValue for $ - not so at current period and due to branding / past repute, yet at this price point it's either getting cat A entry luxury or cat B feature / performance rides.Engine performance - stock 187bHP 320Nm moving 1.7 ton feels somewhat more than adequate
Had the Tiguan highline for almost a year now and the car has been pretty solid. What has been most impressive is the drivetrain and interior practicality. The engine and gearbox combo is rather responsive yet fuel efficient. The interior is also a rather nice place to be as there are features like the digital instrument cluster and apple carplay. Ride quality and NVH is also very good even when compared to other European makes. However, one aspect that has lots of room for improvement is on the safety front. Many other cars in the segment now include adaptive and active safety features like adaptive/active cruise control, blindspot monitoring, lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert, etc and the Pre-facelift Tiguan highline 2020 model(standard roof) only comes with Automatic emergency braking and rear view camera. Overall, if looking for a European make SUV, the Tiguan is a rather good choice and is a good family vehicle with lots of space. Only real downside is maybe the lack of active safety features when compared to competitors.
I been driving this ride for the past two months. 1.4L comfort lineThe ride is good so far, suspension is better off that my old suv Vezel.I would say this car is quite basic if you take the comfortline, i think one should go for the HL.Compared to its peer, i feel that vw should give it more premium setup as the price is higher than its peers. That quite disappointing. SEAT and SKODA suv is very close to tiguan and offer better features at a more affordable price.
Tiguan highline is almost perfect to me,the only down side is the power is not strong enough,but it also provide you fuel economic.If you really think the power is not enough you can modify the software of car by a few hundreds dollars(100% No harm to the car).
When the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan was introduced to the media here in Singapore, we were treated to an off-road driving experience in Sarimbun Camp. And this told plenty about what kind of car it is - an SUV that actually is able to conquer off-road obstacles, and not just for show.

The core difference that sets the Tiguan apart from most of the SUVs that has plastic-cladding and a raised ride height only for aesthetic reasons, is its strong and capable drivetrain. While the new 2.0-litre turbocharged engine in the facelifted Tiguan doesn't exactly put out ground-breaking power figures, its 187bhp and 320Nm of torque are transmitted to all four wheels, which is desirable for driving on loose surfaces.

In fact, the 4Motion all-wheel drive system, equipped with Electronic Differential Lock, Traction Control and Engine Drag Torque Control, was the trick technology that gives the Tiguan its edge on less than favourable terrains. Even when two wheels are suspended in the air due to an uneven surface, the car is able to detect the situation and intelligently distribute driving force to the correct wheels to propel the car forward.

And the ability to handle challenging terrains isn't the only thing the Tiguan manages - it is actually a well-rounded offering that is quiet and composed on the road. There's not a hint to the rugged side of the car's personality when you aren't trying to traverse a jungle. The engine is smooth and quiet, shifts are practically imperceivable, the ride is soft and well insulated, and there's plenty of space for passengers to ride in comfort. The Tiguan is in fact, a perfect option that will appease every single one within your family.

Thanks to the facelift treatment, the Tiguan will easily impress your friends as well. A pair of stylish new LED head lights, along with a wide and imposing new grille that sits below a higher bonnet, gives the Tiguan a bold, new and impressionable appearance. With great looks, great ride quality and capable off-road abilities, you'll be hard-pressed to find an SUV better than the Tiguan in its class.