Compact Executive Sedan of the Year
BMW 3 Series Sedan
The BMW 3 Series looks more purposeful and aggressive than ever before. While its interior may not be very flashy, everything else is a win, with solid build quality and unbeatable ergonomics. Spirited drivers will also be impressed by its handling prowess when the going gets twisty. The BMW 3 Series then, is for the no-nonsense man who knows what he wants out of life, and cares not for the trivial matters which pass him by.
Special Features
BMW has updated this 3 Series so it looks more like the rest of the sedans in its range. But underneath this all is still a very capable and competent car that is sure to leave you and the family happy.
BMW's 3 Series now has a new cabin with a huge curved screen within, as well as a tweaked exterior. Is it still the premium option to get?
Got the car around 10 months time, the car is pre facelift model G20. This G series 3 series is very much drive more comfortable and more refinement compare to the previous F series BMW. The direction of improvement is towards luxury and smooth driving. And the increase in wheelbase and size makes it more roomier and more stable to drive.
Had this car for 1.5 months and am loving it! The handling is great and the B48 engine has a lot of potential even though it is undertuned & suppressed for the 318i, it is surprising responsive on the foot.I never thought i would buy a BMW as i had never been a fan and an ex-owner of the other 2 German brands but was impress by the looks of the current model when i first saw it as compared to the earlier models and was sold after a test drive. Go try!
The BMW 3 Series has been with us for a fair bit. Introduced back in 1975, the car was a winner back then, with many praising it for striking an excellent balance between luxury and the BMW motto of being the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'. Since then, the rest has been history, with the 3 Series widely regarded as the definitive premium German sedan.

It seems like the same old story will repeat itself for the 47th time this year (the 3 Series is 47 years old this year), as the 3 Series is once again the king of its segment. From the exterior, the 3 Series is sharp and contemporary in its design, providing a clean and no-nonsense image which is especially important if you are a corporate climber.

Climbing into the interior provides the same sense of no-nonsense design, with the layout of the cabin being one that favours substance over style. Touch points are pleasant feeling on the fingertips, while the fit and general sense of solidity is overwhelmingly teutonic, as a car from BMW should be.

The trademark handling excellence has also been retained, being tight and agile, yet providing the driver with oodles of confidence to tackle bends at considerable speed. Despite its handling capabilities, the wizards at BMW have ensured that ride quality did not take a hit, evident in the forgiving nature of the car's suspension over bumps.

If you are in the market for a premium compact sedan, the 3 Series continues to be a highly desirable and highly capable choice, and perhaps the quintessential 'Jack of all trades' car.