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Not recommended - not trustworthy shop  Posted on 22-Apr-2014
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I visited this shop during lunch time as it was nearest to my workplace.

My dashboard "engine" warning indicator was active for a few days so i wanted to check what was wrong with it. I didn't have time to visit my regular mechanic , its too far to drive there to during lunch break.

The mechanic suggested it could be a weak battery and tested my battery, apparently it was showing weak so i agreed to change the battery. After changing the battery the warning indicator was immediately off. the mechanic then told me it was ok already. since i was there i also did a few other things to the car (which i won't list down since its not relevant to this review).

When all jobs are complete, i noticed the Indicator warning was back, so i asked the mechanic, and he told me just drive for 2 days and come back and see him if the warning is still on.

3 days later i went back to the shop since the warning is still on, i was then told to go to my own mechanic to do an engine diagnosis! i couldn't believe what they told me! they said they don't have the equipment (which i found out later, is a handheld computer-like thingy) to diagnose my car!

I feel like they should have told me they did not have the tool to check my engine, during my first visit. The Engine indicator warning was the entire reason i visited the shop, and if they are just guessing its battery, they should have said it honestly. And after changing the battery, the mechanic gave me the assurance that the issue is fixed, which is misleading since they never even diagnose the problem.

I later brought the car to my usual mechanic , and they use the handheld computer to find out its the oxygen sensor issue.

Will never visit this shop again.
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