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Some of the world's most fuel efficient drivers from more than 13 countries participated in this year's Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Challenge.

25 Sep 2017 | International News : Sweden

The annual Fuelwatch Challenge held this year in Gothenburg, Sweden - the hometown of Volvo Trucks - once again tested and rewarded some of the world's best drivers in fuel efficient driving. Contestants from more than 13 countries drove FH or FMX trucks on a specific course. Mr. Johnny Baxter from New Zealand came out on top in the on-road category while Mr. Taehun Kim from South Korea was crowned the winner of the off-road competition.

The two-day event, which started with a session on driving technique, was the final showdown for national champions from local Fuelwatch competitions that took place throughout the year. Introduced by Volvo Trucks, the Fuelwatch Challenge is an initiative that puts the spotlight on the driver. More than a competition, the Fuelwatch Challenge is a testament to the fact that skilled driving can have a direct impact on safety, fuel consumption, profitability and carbon footprint.

In the on-road category, Mr. Baxter recorded 10.1 percent less fuel consumption compared to the other two runners-up. In the off-road category, Mr. Kim captured the top prize with a notable achievement of approximately four percent less fuel consumption relative to the driver in second place. In addition to attaining the prestigious title, the winners will also get an exclusive travel experience to one the stopovers of the Volvo Ocean Race.

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