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Lexus showcased its range of SUVs, including the new Lexus RX350L, and their abilities to enjoy the outdoors with all your creature comforts.

29 Jul 2018 | Local News : Singapore

This weekend, Lexus held a one day, free-to-enter event for everyone to experience glamping with its latest range of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

Lexus showcased to guests at the event that camping can be glamorous, too
Called 'Glamping Under The Stars', it was held at the Flower Field Hall last Saturday at the Gardens by the Bay. 'Glamping' is a linguistic combination of the words 'glamour' and 'camping'. Glamping is the experience of the outdoors in luxury, which Lexus has showcased with their cars part of the experience.

At the indoor event, Lexus encouraged guests to the family event to experience outdoor activities alongside the cars with all the creature comforts kept in check, whilst showcasing the adventurous side of their SUV range of vehicles.

Taking centre stage at the event is the newly launched Lexus RX350L. Based on the RX350, the 350L offers an extra row of seats at the rear as well as a longer wheelbase.

This makes it a luxurious seven-seater SUV and perfect for the growing family, offering the sleek looks of the RX without compromise. It will serve as an addition to the ever-popular RX range. The RX350L was accompanied also by the NX300, as well as the rest of the NX and RX SUV range from Lexus.

The safari-themed glamping site featured a tent perched on the roof of the RX350L
The activities at the event included a drive-in theatre, a mini-golf challenge, as well as a safari-themed glamping site for families with kids at the event to play.

All these activities were all in part related to the cars - such as setting a tent on the roof of a car, or a tent as part of an extension of the tailgate, showcasing that the Lexus range being able to adapt for any luxurious outdoor activity.

Aside from a good day out for the kids to enjoy, Lexus also offered special deals on their vehicles at the event. The showcase further proves that the Lexus brand stands for luxury, and that their vehicles still can be - even in the outdoors.
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