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Takumi: A 60,000-hour story on the survival of human craft questions whether the most devoted craftsmen and women will survive in an increasingly AI world.

17 Mar 2019 | International News : Japan

Takumi: A 60,000-hour story on the survival of human craft
 follows four Japanese artisans who are dedicating their lives to their crafts, including a double Michelin-starred chef, a traditional paper-cutting artist, an automotive master craftsman and a carpenter for one of the oldest construction companies in the world.

Narrated by Former British Museum Director Neil Macgregor, the documentary includes interviews from world experts in craft and AI, and questions how we honour and preserve human craft in a world where machines are designed to act more precisely and faster than humans ever can.

Viewers can enjoy the 54-minute version or sit and watch the 60,000-hour version on that allows them to soak up the level of dedication and commitment it takes to achieve a special kind of mastery. The documentary, created by The&Partnership London, will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Instant, Google Play and iTunes.
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