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This collaboration will see sgCarMart display warranty and servicing credit data of used Jaguar and Land Rover cars that have been authenticated by Wearnes.

03 Jul 2019 | Local News : Singapore

Pre-loved Jaguar and Land Rovers car buyers will now be able to check the car's warranty validity and its remaining servicing credits (if any) at sgCarMart, Singapore's leading car marketplace.

sgCarMart is the first online car portal to provide potential Jaguar and Land Rover buyers with this authenticated data
sgCarMart, in a tie-up with Wearnes, is the first online car portal in Singapore that provides potential Jaguar and Land Rover buyers with this authenticated data. Typically, authorised dealers would not disclose warranty and servicing data to anyone but the owner of the car. Car buyers could verify the information only after purchasing the used car.

In a comment by Ms. Corinne Chua, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover, said, "sgCarMart has the most comprehensive listing of used Jaguar & Land Rover cars. With this new partnership, the potential reach to customers is undeniably huge. Underpinned with our Customer First Principle, this tie-up will not only enhance purchase transparency but also provide peace of mind to both sgCarMart web users and our customers."

Vincent Tan, General Manager of sgCarMart, said, "We noted that car dealers topped the CASE complaint list for six out of the past seven years, this tie-up aims to reduce the probability of unwanted surprises after purchasing a car." sgCarMart plans to extend this partnership to other car brands in the near future.

"This new initiative is part of the larger sgCarMart data strategy plan which aims to use blockchain technology to create an automotive network of insurance companies, workshops and authorised dealers to provide a vehicle ledger of car history and maintenance records to further aid consumers in their car buying decisions with complete transparency," said Vincent Tan. sgCarMart is one of 10 companies selected to be part of a government-backed blockchain accelerator program.
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