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Volkswagen's wallbox chargers offer comfortable and fast charging at a home charging point with up to 11kW of charging capacity.

12 Sep 2019 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen is rolling out a range of wallboxes to coincide with the launch of the ID.3. With the ID. Charger, customers will soon be able to charge their electric vehicles quickly and conveniently at home.

Higher spec versions of the ID. Charger will allow users to remotely keep an eye on use and charging operations
The ID. Charger will offer a charging capacity of up to 11kW, translating into a charging speed almost five times faster than a normal domestic power socket.

An ID.3 with a 58kWh battery can be fully charged in about six hours. Volkswagen estimates that about half of all charging operations for electric vehicles will take place at home.

Volkswagen will be rolling out three versions of the ID. Charger, each offering different levels of digital functions.

The basic version comes with a fixed Type 2 cable and a charging capacity of up to 11kW making home charging very convenient. It also features integrated DC fault current protection for maximum safety along with a simple, cost-efficient installation.

The second version of the charger, the ID. Charger Connect, makes charging digital and smart. The wallbox can connect with the home network and the smartphone via WLAN or LAN. LTE connectivity is also available as an optional extra. With this mobile communication technology, customers can keep an eye on use and charging operations and benefit from practical functions such as app management, remote maintenance, access control via charging card and regular software updates.

The ID. Charger Pro top model features an integrated electric meter for precise billing per kWh on top of the digital functions and the standard equipment LTE module. It thus provides even greater transparency on power requirements for a company car driver and their employer.
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