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Ford's new infotainment system brings new levels of intelligence and twice the computing power compared to its predecessor.

01 Nov 2019 | International News : U.S.A

Ford has previewed the next generation of its Sync communications and entertainment system, which is now faster, easier and simpler than ever to use.

Ford's Sync 4 promises to make multi-tasking in your car easier
Featuring cloud-based connectivity and conversational voice recognition, Sync 4 delivers comprehensive search results and more functionality for customers.

This includes cloud-based optional navigation to keep up with the latest traffic information, the ability to quickly browse digital owner's manuals, and wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and AppLink apps from smartphones and mobile devices.

Ford's new Sync 4 system will feature different looks and capabilities depending on the vehicle, screen size and customer needs, and all versions will provide users with the power to multi-task efficiently and view the information they need at the right time without needing to swap or tab through multiple screens.

On the all new 12.0-inch screens, multi-tasking will be enabled by splitting the screen into separate windows. For example, if a customer wants to keep their navigation route on the screen while changing songs, they can choose to display the radio or other streaming music services in the smaller display area. Customers will be able to quickly scroll through nine different features to display as Information on Demand, making Sync 4 easier to use.

The 15.5-inch screens will feature interactive Adaptive Dash Cards, allowing you to perform tasks without changing the primary display
With the large 15.5-inch screens, Sync 4 features the addition of Adaptive Dash Cards. Instead of having to navigate menus every time you want to launch an app, recently used or popular features are listed horizontally underneath the main portion of the screen in individual dash cards.

These cards display helpful information such as the next step on your route, but they are interactive as well. You can pause or skip songs directly through the card instead of having to bring up your music player, and similarly can view your phone status or hang up calls through the card as well.

Navigation is also now fully connected to and informed by the internet, with maps that are frequently refreshed with the latest available traffic and construction information ensuring that customers are getting the most up-to-date info for their routes.

By taking advantage of state-of-the-art, cloud-based voice processing, Sync 4 can also understand conversational requests, such as 'find me the best Thai restaurant', and offer data-based suggestions to drivers. Staying in contact with friends and family also becomes easier, with natural speech recognition enabling communication via SMS and email.

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