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Renault's new E-TECH hybrid technology has been developed with the extensive knowledge of its Formula One involvement.

15 Jan 2020 | International News : Belgium

Renault has premiered the Clio E-TECH hybrid and the Captur E-TECH plug-in hybrid at the 2020 Brussels Motor Show.

New E-TECH hybrid drivetrain will allow the Clio to run up to 80% of the time on electric mode during city driving
Renault's new E-TECH hybrid technology works by pairing a new 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors, one of which is a high-voltage Starter Generator, as well as an innovative clutch-less gearbox. Developed and patented by Renault Engineering, Renault claims the new drivetrain combination allows for smoother gear changes and better fuel efficiency.

The hybrid engine on the 138bhp Clio E-TECH promises maximum efficiency and unparalleled dynamic responsiveness when being driven.

The Clio E-TECH will provide regenerative braking like that of an electric vehicle, and is combined with a 1.2kWh, 230V battery to optimise energy use. Renault expects the hybrid system will allow the car to run up to 80% of the time on electric mode during city driving, translating into a consumption saving of up to 40% compared with a regular internal combustion engine. The new hybrid drivetrain only weighs 10kg more than the dCi 115 engine.

A new digital dashboard will feature a range of images and animations specific to the hybrid model
Inside the car, the Clio E-TECH features Renault's Smart Cockpit, which gets a 7.0-inch thin-film-transistor instrument cluster and the new Renault Easy Link infotainment screen in either a 7.0-inch horizontal, or 9.3-inch vertical layout.

The new digital dashboard features a range of images and animations specific to the hybrid. For example, it can indicate battery levels while charging or when the electric motor is in use.

The new Captur E-TECH plug-in-hybrid meanwhile also seeks to build on the sales success of the Captur by offering a new technological edge. Offering unprecedented versatility, it can run without using any fuel throughout the week for regular trips, and then travel further afield on weekends or long holidays without its owners having to worry about battery life.

9.8kWh battery gives the Captur E-TECH plug-in hybrid a 50km electric-only range
The Captur E-TECH plug-in hybrid produces 158bhp from the same 1.6-litre engine, but is paired to a larger 9.8kWh, 400V battery that will allow the car to run purely on electric power for a range of 50km and up to a top speed of 135km/h based on the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure mixed use cycle.

Selectable driving modes chosen from either a dedicated button or the touchscreen will allow the driver to choose between purely electric driving or a 'sport' option that can allow both electric motors and the engine to work together for maximum power when overtaking.

The Captur E-TECH plug-in hybrid features two large screens: A 10.2-inch digital dashboard and a 9.3-inch Renault Easy Link system multimedia display. The two screens make it easier to understand and monitor the running of the active driving mode. The thin-film-transistor instrument cluster comes with the option to display battery life, recharge time, flow exchanges, energy recovery and current charge level of the electric motor battery.
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