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Alfa Romeo officially celebrates its 110th anniversary by reopening the doors to its historic museum in Arese, Italy.

30 Jun 2020 | International News : Italy

To commemorate a milestone that very few automakers can match, Alfa Romeo celebrates its 110th anniversary by reopening the doors to its historic museum in Arese, Italy, while following all current health and safety guidelines.

The brand invites fans from around the world to see new sections of the museum, enjoy exclusive video content and join the celebration festivities online.

Visitors will have access to previously concealed areas featuring 150 additional cars, artwork and engines
An interactive press pack has also been created to mark this occasion. It spans from the brand's very beginning in 1910, when the first A.L.F.A., the 24 HP, was introduced, to today and beyond with vehicles such as the limited-edition Giulia GTA and the upcoming model based on the Tonale concept.

Located in Arese, on the outskirts of Milan, the Alfa Romeo Museum is a true brand centre that houses more than 200 historical vehicles, making it the natural venue to celebrate the brand's 110th anniversary.

As a special gift to all the 'Alfisti' ( fans of Alfa Romeo) around the world, Alfa Romeo now opens the museum's previously private collection storage areas to the public, inviting visitors to enjoy an additional 150 cars, plus trophies, artwork, and engines for road, air and marine mobility. The collection is divided into 18 themed zones, ranging from the brand's earliest cars, such as the 20/30 ES, to Formula racers, with Formula 1 and Formula Indy models among them.

The new 'Alfa in Uniform' section tells the story of the cars and the eras that have marked Italian history
As part of the celebrations, the museum unveils the new 'Alfa Romeo in Uniform' section, dedicated to the cars of the Carabinieri, the national police force of Italy. This exhibition is testament to the historic relationship between Alfa Romeo and the police force, which has long enlisted the most significant Alfa Romeo models.

The new limited-edition Giulia GTA, conceived for the brand's 110th anniversary, makes its first public debut in Arese. From a technical point of view and in terms of concept, the new Giulia GTA is inspired by the Giulia GTA of 1965.

Developed by the racing arm of Alfa Romeo, Autodelta, the 1965 'Gran Turismo Alleggerita' (GTA) was based on the Giulia Sprint GT that racked up sporting successes worldwide. The new Giulia GTA is based on the Giulia Quadrifoglio and is fitted with a more powerful version of the 2.9-litre V6 bi-turbo engine with 533bhp. 

Alfa Romeo is inviting all fans, from diehard 'Alfisti' to casual enthusiasts, to join the festivities at the museum via the brand's official social media channels here. Download the interactive press pack here.
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