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Volkswagen has premiered the new Golf GTI Clubsport, the new flagship of the eighth generation Golf GTI and a new level of performance in the Golf GTI's story.

15 Oct 2020 | International News : Germany

With the world premiere of the new Golf GTI Clubsport, Volkswagen is writing the next chapter of the never-ending Golf story.

The Clubsport has a power output of 296bhp and is the new flagship model of the eighth Golf GTI generation. The first Golf GTI Clubsport was launched in 2016 on the 40th birthday of the Golf GTI. The first iteration of the GTI Clubsport series developed 261bhp and temporarily delivered 286bhp using an overboost function.

At the rear, the Golf GTI Clubsport features atwo-part roof spoiler
This car was followed in the same year by the Golf GTI Clubsport S of which only 400 units were available, with each one producing 305bhp. Racing driver Benjamin Leuchter set a new lap record for front-wheel drive cars on the Nurburgring Nordschleife with the Golf GTI Clubsport S in May 2016 with a time of seven minutes and 49.21 seconds.

This new Golf GTI Clubsport is positioned between the first Clubsport and the Clubsport S with its output of 296bhp. The technical progress incorporated into the vehicle makes it stand out - an enhanced engine and the newly tuned running gear makes the new Golf GTI Clubsport one of the world's best front-wheel drive sports cars.

The turbocharged engine in the Golf GTI Clubsport is based on the TSI series EA888 evo4. Compared with its predecessor, the EA888 evo3, this engine offers an even more agile response and increased efficiency.

The Golf GTI Clubsport comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels, a special diffuser, 10mm lower suspension, and wider side sills
In the new Golf GTI Clubsport, the standard electromechanical front-axle locking differential is now included in the Vehicle Dynamics Manager's network for the first time. This intelligent network defines a new benchmark for front-wheel drive sports cars.

At the same time, a new braking system with 18-inch discs also further improves on the superior braking characteristics already offered by the regular GTI. In addition, new front and rear spoilers reduce lift and thus optimise the agility, steering responsiveness, driving dynamics and stability at high speeds.

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