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The account-based EZ-Link cards will allow remote and automatic top-ups all via an app, giving users a seamless travel experience.

28 Jan 2021 | Local News : Singapore

EZ-Link Pte Ltd has unveiled the newest iteration of the EZ-Link card, designed to bring more ease and convenience to commuters.

Using an account-based ticketing system, these new EZ-Link cards provide commuters with a seamless travel experience and improved digital services, while offering lifestyle-centric features catered to their daily needs.

Users have three different methods to verify if their cards are linked to the EZ-Link mobile app
Commuters are advised to link their account-based EZ-Link cards to the EZ-Link mobile app, which can be downloaded on the App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.

The new cards support many new functions including the ability to be remotely topped-up. The cards can also be topped-up automatically via an auto top-up function on the app.

The new cards can also be blocked within 30 minutes should they be lost, in order to prevent unauthorised usage and loss of remaining card balance.

EZ-Link Rewards points will also be offered for every transaction made with the card, which can be redeemed from over 100 merchants via the app.

EZ-Link Rewards points will also be offered for every transaction made with the new card
The updated EZ-Link cards can no longer be used for motoring payments such as ERP and carpark charges, as they are not currently compatible with existing In-vehicle Units. Motorists can continue using their existing EZ-Link cards without updating, and are encouraged to link their cards to the EZ-Link app to enjoy greater benefits and digital services for their motoring needs.

The account-based EZ-Link cards can be purchased at all TransitLink Ticket Offices for $12. These cards include a stored value of $7, and can be identified by a sticker on the back of the card

Commuters can also update their existing EZ-Link cards and charms at General Ticketing Machines, Add Value Machines, Top-Up Machines and TransitLink Ticket Offices islandwide. Existing EZ-Link cards that have been updated to the account-based ticketing system will not receive a sticker on the back of the card but the change will be automatically reflected in the EZ-Link app if the card is linked. Alternatively, this can also be verified at the General Ticketing Machines.

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