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The Volkswagen PRID.3 sports the iconic Pride colours, and shades from the Progress Pride flag, symbolising the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

05 Sep 2021 | International News : U.K.

Volkswagen have unveiled what it calls the PRID.3 at the Milton Keynes Pride Festival in the U.K.

The PRID.3 is a unique ID.3, created specifically for use at the festival. The car sports a distinctive design inspired by the psychedelic camouflage pattern used on ID.3 prototypes, but rendered in the colours of the Progress Pride flag to create a meaningful and eye-catching livery for the model.

The PRID.3 sports the colours of the Progress Pride flag, in the psychedelic camouflage pattern used on ID.3 prototypes
This pattern, and the car itself, Volkswagen states, defines its new relationship with Pride, and represent wholehearted inclusion and a celebration of diversity.

Integral to the car's design is the incorporation of the eleven colours of the Progress Pride flag - with the traditional red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple joined by black and brown to represent LGBTQ+ people of colour.

The pink, light blue, and white meanwhile, represent the inclusion of transgender people. All of these colours merge into one another in an ombre effect, to reflect the community and togetherness of all communities and identities, as well as celebrating their differences.

The wrap was created in collaboration between Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen U.K., and Creative FX, which rendered the wrap and applied it to the donor ID.3, a Glacier White example, before it earned its stripes to become the PRID.3.

The camouflage pattern took one-and-a-half days to design from start to finish, and three days to apply to the car, with three staff working on applying the wrap.

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