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Complete with simulated guns and a smoke screen for successful getaways, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior is sure to get your child hooked onto the Bond franchise.

21 Sep 2021 | International News : U.K.

The Little Car Company, Aston Martin and EON Productions - Production firm for No Time To Die - have announced the launch of a No Time To Die special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior.

The gadget-laden two-thirds scale version of the original comes with a fully electric powertrain as well as a Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, individually numbered chassis plates and is completed with Aston Martin badging. In true Bond style, this special edition boasts even greater power and range over the standard DB5 Vantage Junior, giving it a higher level of performance.

Simulated Gatling guns will release a fusilade of imitation barrel blasts and flashes at the push of a button
As with many of the cars from The Little Car Company, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior sports replicated instruments on the dashboard, however, some of the dials have been reimagined for the Junior car's new electric drivetrain. In the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, the fuel gauge has been converted into a battery meter, while the oil temperature now monitors the motor temperature.

The No Time To Die Special Edition has also been designed as a convertible, instead of the fixed head coupe driven by 007.

This is to offer seating for an adult and child side by side, allowing all generations of Bond fans to share the love of driving. Multiple driving modes and a range of up to 129km should allow aspiring secret agents to be able to escape any situation.

A quick-release steering wheel allows for a speedy entry and exit for the driver, and should they need to stop in a hurry, they can rely on both regenerative braking and high-performance Brembo disc brakes. Bilstein dampers and coilover springs make sure the suspension can handle the performance squeezed into this two-thirds scale marvel.

Smiths instruments on the dashboard of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior have been reimagined for its new electric drivetrain
But of course, No Bond car would be complete without Q style gadgets, and the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die edition is no exception.

All the gadgets for the junior car are operated by individual controls in a hidden switch panel in the passenger door. At the push of a button, the head lights drop to reveal a twin set of simulated Gatling guns, complete with imitation barrel blasts and flashes.

As witnessed in the No Time To Die trailer, the skid mode comes in handy when caught in a tight spot. The No Time To Die special edition has a unique digital number plate activated through the hidden control panel.

Just like the original car, this special edition can produce a smoke screen to aid a successful getaway. Ejected through the rear 'exhaust', the smoke has a supply tank which supplies an hour of safe smoke before it needs topping up.

Although the DB5 Junior is not road legal, as an authentic Aston Martin model, every owner will receive automatic membership of the respected Aston Martin Owners Club. In addition, all clients will receive complimentary membership of The Little Car Club, allowing them to take part in exclusive events where they, their children and their grandchildren can drive their DB5 Juniors on the most prestigious racetracks.

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