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Created by a consortium of four U.K. businesses, the Aura Concept is an exploration into what a future, eco-friendly driver's car could look like.

23 Sep 2021 | International News : U.K.

Four U.K. firms have come together during the COVID-19 lockdown to develop what they see could be the future for a driver-focused, all-electric, two-seater roofless sports car.

Called the Aura Concept, the car utilises natural composite fibres for its body panels, said to be both lightweight yet production viable. The use of natural fibres cleaner on the environment to produce and recycle compared to metal, and has also been matched with the use of sustainable vegan leather in the interior.

A cowling over the rear wheels allows the car to glide through the air, maximising its range
Pushing that lightweight body are two 44kWh batteries, the first situated at the front and the second underneath the car's chassis. This arrangement is utilised to offer a more neutral weight distribution for improved vehicle dynamics and driver engagement.

No information has been provided for the Aura Concept's power output as yet, but the car is said to be driven by the rear wheels, and will offer a range of close to 644km.

In the cabin of the Aura Concept lies a five-inch, self-levelling, circular steering wheel-mounted display. The display will offer all key information such as range, weather and other relevant driving information.

Working together with the ten-inch touchscreen in the middle of the cabin, both screens will be run by one single computing unit. Virtual 3D view real-world performance and aerodynamic views will be delivered by the car, which will allow drivers to keep track and alter their driving styles to maximise their range based on their surroundings.

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