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Singapore is among the regions that will receive full updates to Google Assistant driving mode soon. Also, Hondas from 2022 will come with Google built-in.

24 Sep 2021 | International News : Singapore

Android users - rejoice! With its latest round of updates, Google has made it clear that is not discriminating  (yet) between those with Android Auto-compatible cars as well as those without. 

The tech giant revealed in an announcement on 23 Sep 2021 that its Google Assistant driving mode would be receiving a new dashboard, with "minimal distraction" cited as the goal for its driving clientele.

An "auto read" function will be included in the new Google Assistant driving mode dashboard
Google has also confirmed that territories with English-language Android phones should get the full updates rolled out within the next few weeks. Singapore (squeals!) is listed among them.

The new driving mode dashboard will apparently feature "glanceable and tappable" cards which eliminate the need for fiddling and scrolling. A new "auto read" function which reads out your messages out loud the moment they come in should also serve the needs of business-people well. While activation of the driving mode can still be done by connecting your phone to the car via Bluetooth (and opening Maps), you'll also be able do it by saying "Hey Google, let's drive" moving forward. 

On the other hand, the already-sophisticated Android Auto is promising even more personalisation for its drivers. Besides recommendations for music, news and podcasts, drivers will also be able to determine which app they want to launch by default, with the update. 

Minimal distraction on the roads: You'll only be allowed to play GameSnacks when in "P"
Ever felt like, er, playing a game on your car screen while waiting at a drive-thru? We haven't too. But you might soon find yourself doing it anyway, after you've stopped trying to figure out why Google brought in GameSnacks, and resigned yourself to the fact that you'll just have to live with it. Bubble Woods sounds fun.

Alongside the updates, Google also revealed that it will be entering a groundbreaking partnership with Honda: The Japanese automaker's cars will come with Google built-in from 2022, joining brands like Chevrolet and Volvo which already have some models using fully-embedded Android Automotive (different, by the way, from Android Auto).

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