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Make sure you're getting the best lease deal and a clean and thoroughly inspected car with sgCarMart's new leasing platform!

23 Nov 2021 | Local News : Singapore

Looking to lease a car but not too sure if you're getting the best deal available? Why not let sgCarMart shop for your next vehicle instead?

With sgCarMart's new leasing service, customers are guaranteed full assistance through their leasing journey. Those interested simply need to fill up an online form, available here, wherein they can include any specific requirements they need in their vehicle, and they can get ready to receive three best quotes from our leasing partners for the care they need within 24 hours!

The first 10 to lease a car on our platform will get to walk away with either a car air purifier or car air sanitiser from Philips
"Instead of going from one leasing company to another to compare quotations for the car people want, this new leasing service by sgCarMart effectively makes the process more convenient with additional value-added perks like a free professional inspection and a seven-day return policy." Vincent Tan, General Manager, sgCarMart.

Once you're at the leasing page, you'll simply need to pick the offer you prefer, and you'll be able to view the car of your choice. And once you place the deposit, all you need to do is just the wait for us to inspect and sanitise the car before you're on your way in your new ride!

That's right! All vehicles leased from us will not only be inspected by our own technicians, they will also undergo a thorough sanitisation treatment from Denso Cleverin (worth up to $70).

Plus, there's also a seven-day return policy on all cars leased through our platform, so should any faults occur, or if you’re not satisfied with your car, you can return it within seven days and find an alternative!*

There's also a driver's care pack with up to $98 for those that lease from the platform
The first 10 to lease a car on our platform will also get the chance to walk away with either a Philips GoPure 5211 Car Air Purifier (worth $198), a Philips GoPure Style GP 3000 Car Air Sanitiser (worth $198), or Autoglym Car Grooming Kits (Worth $138.10).

We will also be giving out a driver's care pack, which includes fuel additives and an air freshener worth $98 to the fastest lessees on the platform!

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to our portal here and see what's available now, you never know if you might just get a sweet deal on that car you always wanted! 

*Terms and conditions apply

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