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The first example of the Morgan Plus 8 is finished in Yas Marina Blue, evocative of the original design sketches that were released to announce the model.

12 Dec 2021 | International News : U.K.

Morgan has completed the build of the first Plus 8 GTR, the most powerful car in the company's history.

Finished in striking Yas Marina Blue, the first example is evocative of the original design sketches - which pay homage to prominent nineties Plus 8 race car 'Big Blue' - that were released to announce the model in February 2021.

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR gets five-spoke centre-lock wheels as well as a hard top complete with a cockpit vent
The Morgan Plus 8 GTR is limited to just nine examples, with the remaining eight cars already all in production. Each customer has worked closely with Morgan's design team to commission their own bespoke example, and are built in varying configurations of transmission and drive side according to customer requirements.

Performance upgrades for the Morgan Plus 8 GTR include a new engine tune and cannon-style twin-exit sports exhausts. These enhancements improve throttle response and increase the power output over the previous production Plus 8.

The Plus 8 GTR also sports a high shoulder line, not seen on a traditional Morgan body for decades.

Its five-spoke centre-lock wheels are reminiscent of Morgan' 1990s Plus 8 race cars, framed perfectly by subtly re-sculpted wheel arches. The handcrafted aluminium rear end, front wings, and front splitter, have all been redesigned, while the fitment of a hard top with a cockpit vent completes the race-inspired aesthetic.

The interior of the car features new door cards to fit with the high door tops, bespoke GTR dials and the option of carbon fibre racing seats and harnesses. Unique graphics feature throughout and each GTR is fitted with a plaque denoting its number in the build sequence.

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