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The standard variant will boast a 400km range on a 50kWh battery, while the extended range variant will apparently cover 100km more on a 60kWh battery.

21 Dec 2021 | Local News : Singapore

It wasn't too long ago when it felt like the only BYDs we saw were HDT Taxis. Now, that's going to be thrust even further back in our history books.

E-Auto, the official dealer for EV-maker BYD, is now expanding the marque's lineup in Singapore with an all-new electric SUV named the Yuan Plus. The SUV is set to launch on our shores in the second quarter of 2022. 

As with the e6 MPV, the marque's revolutionary Blade Battery technology will be found in the Yuan Plus
First unveiled at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, the Yuan Plus is built on BYD's all new e-Platform 3.0, which is focused on four core qualities: Safety, efficiency, intelligence and aesthetics.

The brand's expertise in proprietary technology for EVs is not new, considering that it was established from the get-go to develop fully-electric vehicles. Over the decade, it has grown to become the largest among China's increasingly established EV-makers.

The Yuan Plus SUV wears the firm's new 'Dragon Face 3.0' design language and will feature what has been called a 'sporty themed interior'. Initial photos show a two-tone, white and blue colour scheme, with the latter colour permeating the entire cabin.

True to the 'sporty' claim, red stitching is also visible on the front and back seats. The front seats even feature cut-outs in the headrests that mimic those found on hot hatches and performance sedans. 

'Sporty themed': First pictures have shown the front seats with cut-outs in their headrests
On to the figures: The Yuan Plus will be powered by an electric drive motor churning out 150kW and 310Nm of torque. The entry-level variant of the SUV will get a 50kWh battery with a NEDC-rated range of 400km. An extended-range variant bumps range up another 100km with a 60kWh battery.

As standard, the batteries will use BYD's latest Blade Battery technology, which boasts industry-leading safety levels while maximising space utilisation for weight reductions and better energy efficiency.

Since it's classed within the A-segment with a 2,720mm wheelbase, the Yuan Plus will be sized among favourites like the Nissan Qashqai and Honda Vezel/HR-V - in other words, joining a very lucrative but also hotly contested segment. However, its drivetrain and power output places it (most likely) within spitting range of the MG ZS Electric, which manages more torque (353Nm) but less power (141bhp). 

BYD Singapore is expecting strong levels of interest for the Yuan Plus - which isn't out of the question considering our market's growing enthusiasm for both EVs and SUVs. According to data from LTA, a total of 76 new BYDs have also been registered this year as of November, a more-than-healthy increase over the three BYDs registered in 2020. Let's see if they can hit the golden three-digit mark in 2022...

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