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BMW will begin manufacturing the X5 at BBA Plant Dadong following an expansion to the site, making it the second location where the SUV is built.

19 Apr 2022 | International News : China

BMW is all set to start production of a long wheelbase X5 in China, following the completion of a new extension at Plant Dadong, owned by joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd (BBA).

This plant already currently produces the BMW 5 Series and X3 for the Chinese market, and also serves as the only facility to make the fully electric BMW iX3 for global consumption.

BBA plant Dadong also has had its solar array expanded to cover 290,000m2, which BMW expects will produce up to 21MWh more energy than before
The new upgrade to the plant however, means that Plant Dadong will be able to offer fully flexible production of combustion-powered, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles all within one site. The BMW X5 has previously only been made at the BMW Group's plant, in Spartanburg, U.S.A.

The expansion also swells the footprint of the site to 910,000m2. Plant Dadong currently houses a press shop, a bodyshop, a paintshop and a single roof integrated logistics and assembly building with two independent production lines.

Together with BBA's second facility, Plant Tiexi, BMW produced a combined total of more than 700,000 vehicles in Shenyang last year, making the city not only the highest-volume manufacturing location of the BMW Group but also the largest premium manufacturer in China. Plant Tiexi produces the BMW 1 Series and 3 Series as well as the BMW X1 and X2. And come mid-2022, Plant Lydia will also open, serving as the home of the new BMW i3, a fully electric 3 Series made exclusively for the Chinese market.

BMW states that almost one in every three BMW Group vehicles delivered around the world was manufactured in Shenyang in 2021.

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