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Deep in the bowels of the Porsche Museum is a mad one-off creation called the Cayenne Convertible. Thank god it did not see the light of day.

08 Aug 2022 | International News : Germany

Most people would not know that Porsche had considered three additional variants to the Porsche Cayenne early on. These variants came in the form of a coupe, one that had a long wheelbase stretched by 200mm compared to the normal variant, and lastly, a convertible.

What might shock most however is that the least conventional option, the Cayenne Convertible was the only variant not discarded from the drawing board. Not only that, Porsche actually went on to make a single example. The designers had the roof removed and dispensed with the body-stiffening measures necessary for a convertible.

The removal of the roof meant that body stiffness was compromised
The convertible example was built to assess four criteria regarding design and ergonomics when it came to occupants in the car. However, Porsche's engineers found themselves in constant disagreement among themselves regarding the rear section of the car and did not come to a consensus. This ultimately put a stop to the further development of the car.

Despite the Cayenne Convertible idea being dormant for 17 years, the brand's engineers took the idea up again and implemented it in 2019 on a production model, this time incorporating the convertible design successfully.

Forecasts regarding profitability however, were not promising and Porsche was doubtful whether the car would look appealing enough to wear the Porsche badge. This led to the demise of the further development of a convertible SUV.

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