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The Alpine A110 R rounds out the A110 range with its lightweight and extreme nature, designed to be a blast on both road and track.

05 Oct 2022 | International News : France

Alpine has revealed the first details of its hardcore A110 R model. The first main difference is the weight, which has been cut down to as little as 1,082kg, making it 34kg less than that of the A110 S.

The improvements made to the chassis, along with the 1.8-litre 296bhp motor and race car interior, help to make the driving experience more intense than ever before. The A110 R will also go from zero to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

The rear spoiler is designed in a 'swan-neck' fashion, creating a more bespoke look while improving aerodynamics
The A110 R will boast greater back end aerodynamic downforce than the A110 S Aero Kit, with an extra 29kg at top speed, ensuring greater balance when taking fast corners. At the same time, drag has been reduced by 5%, extending the top speed to 285km/h. 

The rear spoiler is fixed atop 'swan-neck' mounts that add a sporty look and greater aerodynamic performance. While it has the same shape as the spoiler on the Alpine A110 S, a few features on the A110 R make it unique. Pushed further to the rear, with a smaller incline for a smaller approach angle, this helps to increase downforce and optimise drag.

In order to improve high speed stability and performance for the Alpine A110 R on the racetrack, the front end has been fitted with the same carbon fibre lip as the A110 S, however the air intake valves have been integrated into the front shield, thereby further reducing overall air resistance and improving the car's feasible top speed.

The dual exhaust on the A110 R now has a 3D-printed double wall to create a balance of exhaust gas temperatures
The Alpine A110 R has been fitted with unique carbon fibre side skirts in order to extend the underbelly out. The larger surface area means there is less turbulence along the car's length as it mitigates undercarriage disturbances.

Alpine engineers and thermodynamics experts also worked on the exhaust. The A110's dual exhaust, has been given a 3D-printed double wall to isolate exhaust gases and protect other nearby parts.

This means that the outer wall will remain colder than the gases passing through the central exhaust, thus creating a balance between the inside and outside.

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