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Very subtle changes in the Alpine A110 Legende offers a slightly more relaxing driving experience, though it takes nothing away from the car's rewarding dynamism and agility.

28 May 2021

I love the Alpine A110.

Ever since driving it about two years ago, it's one of a very small handful of cars that has left a lasting impression in my head. I think it is a fantastically unique car that delivers a driving experience that is so different to everything else in the market right now.

However, there's no denying that it's an incredibly niche car with a very specific kind of appeal. And in a bid to make it a tad bit more accessible to slightly more people, there is now a new offering - this A110 Legende.

It looks exactly the same...

This variant comes with 18-inch 'Legende' two-tone alloy wheels
Looking at the car, it's honestly quite hard to tell the difference between this and the Pure variant, besides the obviously different rims.

There is a key change on the inside, and that is the seats. This Legende variant features Sabelt six-way adjustable seats, and this actually makes a difference.

Compared to the fixed bucket seats in the Pure, this definitely allows for a lot more adjustability, and thus comfort, especially for drivers who don't want a particularly sporty or track-focused driving experience. The adjustable backrest means you can have a more lepak driving position instead of a very upright one typical of sports cars. The seats are also heated, though I don't think anyone in Singapore will be using that function.

The adjustable Sabelt seats offer more flexibility when it comes to your preferred driving position
Personally, I love the seats in the Pure. However, I ride a sports bike daily, so I suspect my penchant for discomfort is a lot higher than most people. That said, I certainly do see the appeal of these adjustable seats - more cruising comfort, as well as being more practical for shorter drivers who want to sit a little higher (useful since the car is really quite low to the ground).

Additionally, the Legende also features carbon fibre trimming around the air-con vents, as well as on the top of the dashboard. The brakes are also slightly different - the Legende gets smaller brake discs (296mm vs 320mm on the Pure), though the brake calipers are the same.

So, what's the point?

The A110 dances across tarmac with a lightness, responsiveness and sharpness that's absolutely delightful 
Fundamentally, the A110 Legende still drives and performs exactly as it should. Power is prompt and urgent, handling is sublime, and the car still boasts an agility that is almost singularly unique in the market.

The change in the brake discs do means there's a tad less bite to the brakes, though I suspect that without doing a side-by-side braking test, this might be more imagined than real.

On the road, the Alpine is delightful. The chassis is responsive yet forgiving, with the suspension doing a remarkable job of smoothing out bumps in the road. Take it through a few corners and you can feel the way the car loads up, with the steering responsive and sharp, allowing you to glide through corners with remarkable ease and agility.

Is this the one to have?

The A110 Legende offers a slightly more relaxed approach to a highly engaging and dynamically rewarding sports coupe
The A110 is fundamentally a remarkable car that delivers a unique driving experience, though that certainly comes at a cost. The car is deeply impractical, and the level of equipment is shockingly limited considering this car will set you back $300k.

No matter what the case, this car is ultimately a super niche product. According to Alpine, fewer than 30 cars have been sold since it was launched two years ago. This A110 Legende offers a slightly more relaxed approach compared to the more focused Pure variant, and that really mainly just comes down to the seats. For drivers who want a more relaxing driving position that's more suitable for longer journeys, then this is the car to have.

But trust me, no matter which variant you choose, you're still choosing a wonderful, wonderful car. Pity I don't have the money to buy one.

Car Information

There's a promotion for Alpine A110


: $258,800

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





185kW (248 bhp)



320 Nm



7-speed (A) DCT

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


15.6 km/L

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