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Aston Martin has announced a new partnership with Japanese luxury real estate company Vibora which will see the British brand's presence grow in the country.

28 Nov 2022 | International News : Japan

Aston Martin will be applying its strength in design to Japanese real estate, as part of a new partnership that sees the first luxury home in Asia to be designed by Aston Martin.

The collaboration between the British performance car maker and Japanese concierge brand Vibroa commences with the design and construction of NO 001 Minami Aoyama.

No. 001 Minami Aoyama will be the first luxury home in Asia to be designed by Aston Martin
No. 001 Minami Aoyama is a private home in the Omotesando area of Minami Aoyama, renowned as one of Tokyo's architectural and style centres. 

Impressions of the home, which features an automotive gallery, wine cellar, home cinema, gym, and private spa, have been unveiled, with Aston Martin's design principles reflected throughout the property.

Working with a local architect, the exterior design of the home is led by Aston Martin's designers, who are also responsible for the interior styling of the property along with selected furniture.

The home will feature an automotive gallery
The four-storey home, complete with roof terrace and stunning views of Tokyo, has already been sold to a private buyer, and is scheduled for completion in November 2023.

The new design partnership with Vibora forms part of Aston Martin's wider strategic growth plans in Japan, with the brand seeking to capitalise on the market's commercial potential and increasing consumer demand.

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