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Volkswagen has revealed that it has completed a total of about 15,000 fast chargers to date, with the goal of completing another 30,000 globally.

31 Jan 2023 | International News : Germany

Volkswagen has revealed that it has completed construction of more than 15,000 fast chargers around the world.

The firm plans to build a total of 45,000 high-power charging points that offer a charging capacity of up to 350kW, making it the first automotive manufacturer to create a global high-power charging network that all vehicles could use. A total of 10,000 high-power charging will be operating in Europe, and a total of 25,000 around the world by 2023.

The fast-charging points in Europe are being installed in part with the help of Ionity, a joint venture involving the Group brands Audi and Volkswagen Passenger Cars as well as the sports-car maker Porsche.

In addition to this, Volkswagen is also installing fast-charging points in a partnership with BP and Iberdrola, which will see the installation of approximately 8,000 fast-charging points across Europe. In the U.S.A, the expansion of the Group's electric infrastructure is being overseen by Electrify America, the largest public fast-charging network in North America. And in China, this work is being performed by the joint venture CAMS.

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