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Ford has announced that its next generation electric truck, codenamed Project T3, will be built at its upcoming BlueOval City campus.

26 Mar 2023 | International News : U.S.A

Ford has announced that its BlueOval City mega-campus in Tennessee, U.S.A, will build its new second generation electric truck.

Currently codenamed Project T3, the new electric truck promises new levels of capability and innovation. Ford states that it will come with only a fraction of the complexity of its previous truck programmes. Following from the Ford F-150 Lightning, Project T3 is expected to further grow and reinvent the Ford truck franchise.

The BlueOval City will be Ford's first carbon-neutral vehicle manufacturing and battery campus when it is completed
The BlueOval City mega-campus, meanwhile, is currently under construction, will have an annual production capacity of 500,000 all-electric trucks, and is on schedule to see production starting in 2025.

Ford is developing its second-generation EV truck in tandem with the new assembly plant, resulting in efficiencies never before possible. This means the site will see a 30% smaller general assembly footprint than traditional plants while delivering higher production capacity.

The site will additionally be Ford's first carbon-neutral vehicle manufacturing and battery campus when it comes online. To this effect, its assembly plant will use carbon-free electricity from the day it opens. Ford will also use recovered energy from its utility infrastructure and geothermal system to provide carbon-free heat for the assembly plant.

Furthermore, the site will also host a new utility system that will save 50 million gallons of water each year by reducing evaporation from the site's cooling towers. Ford also intends to develop a holistic stormwater management system separate from the water table to help protect the local environment.

The campus will also house a fully integrated BlueOval SK battery manufacturing site, where teams will be able to build battery cells and assemble battery packs that will be delivered into the assembly plant in less than 30 minutes.

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