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The Alpincamper Vivaro comes with space for sleep, alongside a kitchen module, and a raised ride height, perfect for those more adventurous holidays.

29 Mar 2023 | International News : Germany

Alpincamper, a campervan conversion firm based in Bavaria, have revealed its Alpincamper Vivaro 2 and Alpincamper Vivaro 4 campervans, based on the Opel Vivaro.

The two models from the firm convert the commercial vehicles into outright cosy little motorhomes, with the Alpincamper Vivaro 2 offering space for two, and the Alpincamper Vivaro 4 able to accommodate a total of four people.

Pop-up roof allows occupants to stand comfortably while within the vehicle
Both cars come prepared to tackle off-road trails thanks to a 25mm increase in ground clearance, alongside Opel's Intelli-Grip traction system, which distribute the optimal amount of torque and selects an appropriate amount of traction or slip at the wheels based on the selected surface the vehicle is driving over.

Power for both models of the Alpincamper Vivaro comes from a 142bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine paired to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Those that opt for the Alpincamper Vivaro 4 will find a total of two seats at the rear, complete with Isofix fittings, while the front passenger seat can swivel to face rear passengers. This model also comes with a sleeping bench that can be converted into a double bed. A pop-up roof will allow occupants to stand comfortably while in the vehicle or used to create space for a second lying surface.

The Alpincamper Vivaro comes with a kitchen module, and a bench that can be converted into a bed once stopped at the camp location
The Alpincamper Vivaro 4 additionally comes with a kitchen module that includes storage space, a sink, and a freshwater as well as a wastewater tank. The single burner, removable stove is powered by a gas cartridge. An auxiliary heater will also offer the necessary warmth for those camping in cooler climates.

Opt for the Alpincamper Vivaro 2, however, and the additional lying space within the pop-up roof is absent, creating a total of 1.9m of headroom in the vehicle.

This model comes with a couch in the rear can easily be converted into a double bed, alongside a kitchen module that has a two-burner stove with electric ignition and an integrated sink. In addition, an integrated folding table is also provided.

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