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The new Bridgestone ECOPIA EP300 features improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life, and is the ideal fit for the daily driver.

03 Aug 2017

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It's easy to think that good tyres are just for people who want to go racing. We've all probably heard someone say, "I'm also not going racing, buy expensive tyres for what?" But the reality is that good tyres are arguably even more important for the daily driver, simply from a safety point of view.

The EP300 features NanoPro-Tech compound, a high-dispersing silica compound that provides you with improved grip in wet conditions
Yes, manufacturers love to tout their tyres' 'superior grip' and 'cornering stability', terms that probably mean very little to the typical car owner. Granted, those factors are important when it comes to the track - having the right tyres can help you shave off a couple of seconds on your lap time.

But when it comes to day-to-day driving, the most important aspect about a good set of tyres is the braking capability. You can have the most powerful and aerodynamic car, and the best set of brakes in the world, but ultimately, every car has one essential reality - the sole contact points to the road are four relatively tiny patches of rubber (called the contact patch), each about the size of a human hand.

Thus, a good set of tyres will afford a shorter braking distance compared to a lesser set of tyres, and could determine if you crash into the car in front of you or not. It's paramount that those patches of rubber do their job to keep you safe.

Bridgestone ECOPIA EP300 - When you want it all

Bridgestone's latest product, the Bridgestone ECOPIA EP300, has been designed with three key objectives in mind - to have safer and superior wet grip, to improve the vehicle's fuel efficiency, and to be longer lasting. In that sense, it's a tyre that's made to be all-rounded - balanced across all aspects, and not just simply an 'eco' tyre.

On typical day-to-day driving, the differences between different tyres may not be immediately apparent. However, wet conditions definitely show up tyres the most - there's much less grip available on the roads. The new EP300 tyres is constructed using Bridgestone's NanoPro-Tech compound, a high-dispersing silica compound that increases the contact area and reduces energy loss. Also, the tyres have either three or four grooves, depending on width, which help to disperse water more effectively. Of course, improved levels of grip in the wet also results in a shorter braking distance required.
Product Information
Bridgestone Ecopia EP300

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$94 - $180



An eco-tyre featuring improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life.

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