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23 Jan 2017

What We Dislike
Lackadaisical engine and uninspiring CVT is a let-down

Built on the new Subaru Global Platform, the all new fifth generation Subaru Impreza impresses with its upmarket appeal and refined dynamics.

The new 2017 Impreza is Subaru's first model, which employs Subaru Global Platform (SGP), the architecture for future Subaru models. By using SGP, Subaru says the Impreza's dynamics, including stability, noise, vibration and comfort, are hugely refined. This isn't a nip-and-tuck sort of 'new', the Impreza has undergone a complete reinvention and it's shaped up superbly.

You're staring at the fancy cabin of the new Subaru Impreza

Love at first sight

Redesigned inside and out, the new Impreza incorporates Subaru's Dynamic x Solid design philosophy. It's got a distinctive body side character line, muscular arches, a handsome face and iconic Subaru C-shaped head lights, creating a refined yet modern and sporty form.

Cabin fever

Design of the Impreza's new cabin is more upmarket and contemporary compared to previous Subaru models. There's a great use of premium soft-touch materials throughout, and you can sense that Subaru has created this to rival entry-level European models.

Taking centre stage in the cabin is a new 8.0-inch central display, which is fast-loading, easy-to-use and crisp.

345 litres for cargo stowage, expanding to 795 litres when rear seats are folded down

There's more space for passengers in the back, too, thanks to a wheelbase that's grown 25mm (to 2,670mm) over the car it replaces. The Impreza's cargo-hauling capacities are now 345 litres for the hatch (795 litres when rear seats are folded) and 460 litres for the sedan, making light work of grocery runs.
Tighter, harder, safer

Subaru has made major upgrades in the structural rigidity and suspension system of the new Impreza, which translates to better dynamics and an improved impact absorption of up to 40 percent in an event of a crash.

On the test track, these improvements came to shine under hard driving and man-made road bumps. The Impreza is remarkably composed and highly planted. On tight and twisting corners, it remains to be sharp and precise, all thanks to a quicker and sharper rack.

The Impreza pushes around corners with style and aplomb

But the Impreza's languid Boxer engine and gearbox, even in its 2.0-litre form, which makes 154bhp and 196Nm of torque, isn't much of a performer.

Paired to a Lineartronic CVT autobox, power delivery isn't inspiring or exciting. On paper, the Impreza can finish a century sprint in 9.8 seconds but on tarmac, you wouldn't be wrong to presume it's slower.

154bhp and 196Nm of torque from the 2.0-litre Boxer engine will get you going but not very quickly

As of now, Motor Image doesn't have plans for a manual gearbox option for the Impreza so you'd probably have to wait for the WRX or the STI versions for a more fun and faster drive.

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