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Packing a 2.0-litre engine, the Jaguar F-PACE offers greater economy and affordability without losing any of its dynamic or visual appeal.

04 Jan 2018

You won't hear many people professing love for a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Sports cars, convertibles, hot hatches, sure. But an SUV? No, not really. After all, SUVs are meant to be practical utilitarian cars stereotypically meant for family-oriented drivers.

However, the Jaguar F-PACE is one SUV that we will readily admit to really liking. The F-PACE we drove quite some time back (packing a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 engine) left a pretty indelible mark in our memories - it ended up being our pick in the Premium Compact SUV segment for our 2016 Car Of The Year awards.

The 2.0-litre ingenium produces a healthy 247bhp and 365Nm of torque

So what's this then? Well, you can now have the F-PACE with a 2.0-litre Ingenium engine. Think of it, then, as the sensible man's F-PACE.

Sensible pace

One reason we loved the F-PACE so much was because of its sheer performance and dynamic prowess. The supercharged V6 engine packed a ton of power and made a glorious noise, but you could argue that it was slightly excessive.

This car that you see here is powered by a 2.0-litre Ingenium engine producing 247bhp and 365Nm of torque - much more sensible-looking numbers. The car is still capable of brisk pace, with sufficient oomph for overtaking manoeuvres and what not, but it's nothing crazy.

The panoramic sunroof adds to the cabin's spaciousness

That said, the car still retains all of its dynamic behaviour. It has a fantastically sorted chassis that allows you to corner with verve, and drives in a manner that manages to disguise its rather sizeable footprint. It's still one of the best-driving SUVs available in the market right now. It's agile, lighter on its feet than you'd expect, and still thoroughly fun to drive.

Plentiful grace

Beyond the drivetrain, the rest of the car is pretty much the same. It still looks good, the cabin is comfortable and of high quality, and it still manages to fulfil all of its SUV responsibilities, what with its generous 650-litre boot. 

Feature-wise, the R-Sport variant we drove comes with adjustable drive modes with configurable dynamics, a panoramic sunroof and perforated seats, as well as the availability of new technologies including adaptive cruise control, reverse cross traffic detection and forward alert.

The F-PACE now comes with additional safety features, such as forward alert

Still an ace

The truth is, the F-PACE is a car that has plenty of appeal. It's handsome, the cabin is premium and comfortable, and it offers one of the best drives in its segment. And now that it can be had with a much more sensible (and affordable) 2.0-litre engine, the F-PACE becomes a financially competitive option as well.  

If you can live without some of the amenities (you definitely can), the cheapest F-PACE available is the 2.0 Prestige, which clocks in at $259,999 (as of 2nd Jan 2018).

This stylish and fun-to-drive SUV can now be had at a more agreeable price

That puts it much closer to the ballpark price range as its key rivals, like the Audi Q5, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and perhaps the new Volvo XC60. The F-PACE stands out for easily offering the best drive at its price point. You'll have to fork out considerably more for SUVs that can match the driving experience, like the Porsche Macan.

This variant probably lacks the turn of character that its bigger brother has, but what it gives up in sheer performance and personality, it easily makes up for in terms of practicality, economy and daily usability. See? The sensible man's F-PACE. 

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Car Information



: $253,999

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line 16-valve Turbocharged

Engine Cap





184kW (247 bhp) / 5500 rpm



365 Nm / 4500 rpm



8-Speed (A) Jaguar Sequential Shift

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


14 km/L

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