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Here's a few things you might want to start preparing for before we enter phase one in June so you don't miss out while everyone is busy settling in.

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With circuit breaker measures starting to get rolled back with the Government's phased approach, we can expect more car-related services to begin operating again.

These are the top five things you'll want to make preparations for to ensure your smooth transition in the coming months.

To renew your car's COE

The current Prevailing Quota Premium looks set to stay at $32,875 for Cat A and $33,568 for Cat B until COE bidding resumes
If your car has been running reliably and you're feeling secure at your workplace, why not consider renewing your car's COE?

The Land Transport Authority has pegged the current Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP) to the average of the premiums for the last three months in which bidding was conducted, which means that the PQP is going to stay at $32,875 for Cat A and $33,568 for Cat B until COE bidding resumes.

For sure, those numbers may not be spectacularly low, but at the initial roll-out of the circuit breaker in April when COE bidding exercises were first suspended, we speculated that the poor economic conditions were likely to cause a further drop in COE prices come the month of May

Use this week to sift through your repair bills and think through the condition of your car before deciding if you should renew your COE
Considering that the circuit breaker extension has dealt another blow to the local economy, and the fact that new vehicle registrations have hit new lows in April, and we think that there may actually be room to gamble on even lower PQPs in the two or three months following the restoration of COE bidding if the LTA decides to stick to the current formula for calculating the PQP.

Why not use this last week of working from home to sift through your past repair bills and objectively reconsider the current condition of your car? From there you can then decide if you should renew at the current PQP prices or gamble on them falling even further.

Even if you don't have the spare cash to pay for the current prices, you can also make use of the fact that financing services are still open to shop for COE renewal financing options, so you can make a smarter and well-informed decision when it comes to deciding if you should retain your current ride. Already thinking about financing options to renew your car's COE? Why not see what rates are being offered with sgCarMart Connect?

The daily drive to work

If you have left the car parked for the last two months, it will be worth ensuring it is still in running order this week
Come 2 June 2020, a lot more of us will be returning to work.

If you intend to drive, minimise your chances of running into car trouble by ensuring that your car is still in running condition this week.

You're going to want to run through all the essentials, including ensuring that your tyres are inflated and that your car's fluids are topped up by this week so that you'll have a safe working car for your first day back at work.

Another thing you will want to check is if your car's servicing due date has elapsed. Although your car may not have seen many miles in the last two months, the oil in your car will still be carrying all the accumulated carbon and sludge from previous drives, exposing it to degradation all the same.

If your car's servicing is already past due, schedule a service now to avoid long queues after June
As you'd might expect, the two-month hiatus to workshop operations is going to lead to massive queues for car services once 2 June swings around.

Make use of our car workshop listings to find a suitable place and schedule a servicing by this week if you want to beat the queue and get your car serviced as soon as possible.

You'll want a perfectly safe and healthy vehicle to drive into Johor for good food and cheap fuel once we are allowed to travel across the border right?

Looking for a workshop for your servicing and repair needs? Start from our extensive list of workshops right here!

A good car clean-up

Want to avoid long queues at the MSCP washing bay? Use our directory to find a suitable car groomer for you
Since you're going to be driving to work you'll also want to have a clean car to drive. Many others will also be thinking the same.

Not only might there be a wait to wash your car at the MSCP washing bay, but the jet/tap could also be a high contact surface from which you could unwittingly catch unwanted pathogens.

Car grooming services are not opening just yet, but you could use this week to look through our list of groomers to schedule ahead of time exactly what services you'll need.

If you're looking for a suitable place to restore your car after the two months of circuit breaker, here's a list of everything available from washing and polishing to upholstery and interior cleaning so you can easily find something right for you!

That next date with your significant other

With ERP still suspended, why not visit a location at the other end of Singapore once social gatherings are permitted again
We're sure you're already dying to meet your significant other by now, but think about this, just as massive queues formed for haircuts the day saloons and barbers were allowed to open, you can surely bet that your favourite restaurants and hangouts are going to be packed once social gatherings are allowed after the first phase of circuit breaker easing.

If you're intending to meet your loved one as soon as meetups beyond immediate family members are allowed, you're going to need to plan like it's your first date all over again.

Our advice? Why not make use of the fact that ERP gantries have been suspended and the slightly lower fuel prices to visit some unorthodox locations at the other end of our island?

Fort Canning Park is also going to be free of tourists for some time
For those staying in the West, why not plan a visit to Seletar Aerospace Park or Punggol End for a little beach and sunshine? And for those staying in the East, why not schedule a visit to the HortPark or Labrador Park to get some awesome shots of the sunset?

And once restaurants start to open for business, make sure to call ahead to reserve a table. You never know, putting in the effort now to make the evening extra romantic might pay dividends.

Your next vehicle purchase or sale

With the delivery of cars purchased online allowed after 2 June, it can be worth using this week to snoop around for a good deal online
Whether you're looking to free up some cash to tide you over the coming months, or trying to snag yourself a good deal on a car while everyone is distracted, now is the perfect opportunity to make the necessary preparations.

For those looking to sell their car, there is going to be a huge influx at the dealers' doors when they first open. If arranging for a private transfer sounds like an option that will minimise your contact with others, why not use this week to take a few good pictures of your car?

Nothing makes a listing standout better than some good shots of the car. Getting one without traffic and any distractions in the background is critical and there could be no better time to take such pictures than during the current quiet. And if you already have some got great shots of your car, selling it will be easy with an ad on our site!

On the flipside, those looking for a good deal on their next car will also do well to begin shopping now. Not only are future COE prices expected to open lower, but if you're looking for a brand new car, there are also many deals currently being offered by authorised dealers to entice shoppers to try out a spot of online shopping. If you're already set on a new purchase, make sure you capitalise on these offers before they dry up!
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