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Unsure on how to renew your COE, or wondering what is the PQP? We'll walk you through how to renew your COE before it expires with this simple drivers guide.

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Cars are very expensive in Singapore.

Sure, you could buy a new car when your current COE expires, but COE renewal is always the most logical (and economical) choice - provided that your car is well-maintained, in good condition and gives you little to no problems.

We've taken some frequently asked questions about COE renewal and compiled them into an article.
Why you need to renew your COE?

When your COE expires, you will need to renew it to keep the vehicle registered under your name. If you do not renew your COE, your vehicle will have to be deregistered and scrapped or exported.
When to renew your COE?

You can renew your COE before the existing COE expires. It can even stretch up to one month after the COE expiry date! However, you won't be able to drive your vehicle until you renew your COE.

Furthermore, a late payment fee will apply.

Vehicle type Late renewal fee
Motorcycle $50
Private motor car (1,000cc and below) $50
Private motor car (1,001cc to 1,600cc) $100
Private motor car (1,601cc to 2,000cc) $150
Private motor car (2,001cc to 3,000cc) $200
Private motor car (more than 3,000cc) $250
Business service passenger vehicle (company car) $250
Goods vehicle and public service vehicle $250
Others $250
How much does COE renewal cost?

To calculate the COE renewal price, you'll have to take the past three-month average of COE premiums. This average is also known as the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP). For example, the April CAT A COE PQP is the average of the CAT A COE price from January, February and March. It's pretty straightforward to calculate.

The PQP rate depends on the date you choose to renew your COE and your COE expiry date.

For example, if your COE expires on 3 April 2020, you can choose to

1. Renew early before your COE expires

If you choose to renew your COE for five years, you will have to deregister your car when it expires
• You can find out the PQP for March 2020 after the second bidding exercise in February 2020. You can renew your COE using the March 2020 PQP on the Friday after the second bidding exercise in February 2020.
• Your new COE period will start on 1 April 2020.
• In this case, you have until the end of March to do this.
*Note that the unused portion of your COE will be forfeited (including COE rebates)

2. Renew in the month your COE expires

• You can find out the PQP for April 2020 after the second bidding exercise in March 2020, and renew your COE on the Friday after the second bidding exercise in March 2020.
• Your COE period will start the day after your current COE expires (which in this case is 4 April 2020) 
• You will have until the end of your COE to do this. (3 April)

Check out the latest COE bidding results here.
Should you renew your COE for five or 10 years?

You can choose to renew your COE for either five years or 10 years.

Five years - You will not be eligible to renew your COE any further, and you will have to deregister your vehicle when it expires. On the plus side, you'll only have to pay 50% of the PQP.

10 years - No limit to how many times you want to renew your COE.

Writer's general advice: If you don't want such a huge financial commitment or don't see yourself driving the same vehicle for the next 10 years, go with a five-year renewal instead.
How to renew your COE?

You can renew your COE online via the OneMotoring website
1. Renew your COE online

via the OneMotoring website here.

You'll need to have an internet banking account with any of the following banks
- Citibank
- Standard Chartered

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account and remember to increase your daily limit.

2. Renew your COE by snail mail

Complete the application form and mail it to

Land Transport Authority (LTA)
Customer Service Centre
10 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575701

If you are paying by Cheque, make the Cheque payable to 'LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY' and cross 'A/C Payee Only'. Don't forget to write your vehicle and contact number on the reverse side of the Cheque.

If your COE has expired, LTA only accepts cashier's orders. Do not send cash payments by post.

Your COE renewal application date is the date that LTA receives the application. Best to mail at least 2 weeks before your COE expires.

3. Renew your COE via LTA's Customer Service Centre

Apart from renewing through the OneMotoring website, you can also submit the application form to LTA's Customer Service Centre
Complete the application form and submit it along with your PQP payment to the LTA Customer Service Centre @ 10 Sin Ming Drive 575701.

Opening hours:
8:00am to 4:30pm on Mondays to Fridays
8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays

If your COE has not expired yet, you may pay by Cash, Cashier's order, NETS or Diners Club card, Cheque (for cheques, your COE will only be renewed when the Cheque is cleared)

If your COE has expired, you will be charged a late fee on top of the PQP. You may pay by Cash, Cashier's order, NETS or Diners Club card
Some downsides with COE Renewal

1. PARF and COE Rebate forfeiture

Once you renew your COE, the Prevailing Additional Registration Fee (PARF) and COE rebates for your car will be forfeited. You may refer to the table here to calculate your PARF. Read more about 'How much will you get back when you deregister your car'.

Age at deregistration PARF rebate
Not more than 5 years 75% of ARF paid
Above 5 but not more than 6 years 70% of ARF paid
Above 6 but not more than 7 years 65% of ARF paid
Above 7 but not more than 8 years 60% of ARF paid
Above 8 but not more than 9 years 55% of ARF paid
Above 9 but not more than 10 years 50% of ARF paid
More than 10 years Nil
2. Increase on road tax every year

There's a 10% increase on your road tax every year (capped at a maximum of 50%). Therefore, if your road tax was $1000 before you renewed your COE,

1st year after COE renewal - $1100
2nd year after COE renewal -$1200
3rd year after COE renewal -$1300
4th year after COE renewal -$1400
5th year after COE renewal (and every year after that) - $1500
Here are some additional information on COE renewal that might interest you:

10 things you should know about renewing your COE

Should you renew your COE in 2020?

If you own these 5 cars, renew your COE immediately (2020 edition)
How can you get a COE renewal loan?

sgCarMart can help you handle the LTA documentation for COE renewal, facilitating the process for you!
When you renew your COE, you can get a full 100% loan from banks to pay the PQP! All you have to do is just go from bank to bank, compare interest rates, apply for the loan and wait for approval.

Is there an easier way? Here's where sgCarMart can help you.

Expert advice for any queries you have

We can guide you along, step by step, answering any questions you might have, to ensure a smooth COE renewal process.

Maximum savings, minimum hassle

We will help you to find the best coe renewal loans in Singapore, additionally, all LTA documentation will be handled for you! To top it all off, we'll even throw in a complimentary pre-COE car inspection for your vehicle to help you make a well-informed decision!

Need to get your car's COE renewed? Let us help with your COE renewal now!
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