COTY 2015
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The Honda Odyssey is a sharp, sleek looking car that is actually quite a looker. It also offers up tons of space, whilst managing to conceal its van-like proportions under its streamlined design. There is an abundant amount of headroom and legroom on the inside, with a lowered floor and power sliding doors making access easy and convenient. While the ride might be a tad stiff, the engine and transmission are very well-suited for family motoring, allowing adequate acceleration combined with good fuel efficiency.



  • I simply don't understand why some people post reviews about the Honda Odyssey saying that it is noisy, under-powered, creaking slide doors etc. Ok I accept that in a review page, people can say what they want but it really annoys me as an owner of a 2 month old Odysssey that there is very little truth to all these nonsense. Almost caused me to consider the Toyota Previa and Estima.
    In fact, I also fail to understand why Borneo's Previa has super bad reviews while parallel import Estima enjoys super reviews when the 2 cars are exactly the same, with Estima having even poorer interior specs! So, be careful who is writing the reviews!!
    My experience with Kah Motors Odyssey is that this is a flawless car, super quiet, powerful k24A engine, classy interior, and sits 7 people easily. No regrets at all. See my reviews below.
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  • Had tested Volkswagen Sharan and Touran and I must say this Odeyssey deserves the most ticks when it comes to a complete MPV.
    The car is still very spacious yet not looking too bulky from the outside. All 3 rows have plenty of room which is a big plus for me. The leg space are very big and comfortable, as compared to the Sharan and lest say
    The drive is very quiet, not as noisy as what other reviews had mentioned. Pickup is good and gentle which is so ideal for a family - no abrupt and too strong accleration. The handling is light and comfortable as expected from a Honda. The interior is not best of class but practical and presentable if seen frm a family perspective car. Appreciated the fact that Honda has 3 variants of Odyssey and always having variants with the basic and practical specification and fittings which on one hand help consumers save money and being practical. Don't always like how media reviews about car always emphasize so much on the specifications when most of those money wasting specification are useless and impractical i.E. Sun-roof, assist parking, LED headlights, foglamps, autowipes or auto headlights etc.
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  • Driven this car for close to 6 months. Read the other reviews. Here is my comment. The car is a MPV, please do not impose a driving quality of a sedan or sports car. The car is comfortable if you know what you need to make it better. And the stock tires really sucks, so cannot really give you a good comparison. Change the tires to Michelin Primacy 4 or Goodyear Efficientgrip, adjust your tire pressure to 220kpa front and 230kpa rear, your comfortable MPV ride is good to go!
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  • Got my new Navi Res model from Kah Motors in May18.
    Generally, this car is pretty well equipped with Honda Sensing and many other features except no electric brake...
    Interior quite spacious similar to Toyota Estima (owned Estima few year ago and last drive is Harrier). Built quality comparable with Estima but not Harrier which is alot more refined.
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  • Powerful, it is not. Comfy it is. This car is pretty wellequipped with hond safety sense and many features at this price range. Interior pretty spacious but will top up some more for vw sharan which is more spacious alot more well built and alot more refined.
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  • I would skip the nice things which the other reviewers had mentioned, and I will go straight into sharing my terrible experience with this car.
    When I just got the car, 1) Tailgate was not aligned properly, 2) big patch of brown stain on front windscreen, 3) front windscreen solar film had bubble patches (even after 10 weeks). Thus 1 trip to Mandai, and another 1 to VKOOL. These were not the biggest issue...
    After a few weeks of driving, my family and I started to realize that there are loud RATTLING SOUNDS from both the sliding doors while the car is moving (It is caused by the door's roller). I have sent my car to the workshop for more than 5 times already, but until now they still do not have a solution to even minimize the sound (NEARLY 10 MONTHS ALREADY...). Just imagine the down-time for a brand-new car... It is really NOT acceptable. And recently, it is getting louder and it is causing a lot of discomfort for both the driver and the passengers. Even my friends complained about it when they took my car.
    Besides this rattling sound, the doors (yes, all of them) also have clicking/ticking sound even when the car is not moving. From what I have observed, this sound is heard from the areas near the pillar of the doors where the black plastic pieces are. Not very sure what causes it, but I am sure KAH MOTOR does not have a solution for this either.
    You might be wondering why I am the only one complaining about these sounds. I am amazed why no one mentioned anything about it, but this is definitely not an one of as their branch manager also complained about the rattling sound caused by the sliding doors too. And the engineer admits that this is a design flaw.
    Take no risk, because it is really a torture to have the rattling sound right above the back of your right ear while driving. Do really consider getting Estima/Previa or something else instead of spending your $170k+ on this.
    I really do not wish to see anyone else suffering from these problems.
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  • Been driving this car for about a year now and I must say this car ticks most boxes when it comes to a complete MPV.
    The car is still very spacious yet not looking too bulky from the outside. All 3 rows have plenty of room which is a big plus for me. Ottoman seats are very big and comfortable.
    I'm still not a fan of CVT despite all the talk about fuel saving - it is not as fun to drive! That can be felt especially during acceleration from the off - slightly sluggish acceleration. Fuel consumption hover around 10km/L on combination of city/highway driving, reasonable enough.
    My only big complaint is factory fitted Dunlop tyres. They are horrible. (Of course easily rectified with a tyre change... But still....)
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  • I have owned the new Navi Res model from Kah motors for the last 6 months. Before this I had the older model of the Odyssey, which I was very happy with and hence decided to get the new one after COE expired. Here is my unbiased feedback after regular use.
    When you pay 150k+ for a car, you expect the pros to outweigh the cons. Unfortunately the new Odyssey leaves a lot to be desired.
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Honda's latest family MPV has grown in all dimensions, particularly in height with an additional 150mm added to the new car. This overhaul grants the new Odyssey a bigger and more spacious cabin, which can fit up to eight people in comfort.

The sleek and streamlined sheet metal of the Honda Odyssey does an excellent job of disguising it's obvious heft, with a deep bumper bar along the side profile that appears to hug to the ground.

Available in two trims, an eight-seater and a more luxurious seven-seater, the Odyssey's key selling point is its luxurious, comfortable and serene cabin. The 2-2-3 seating arrangement in the luxury variant comes with a centre row featuring ottoman seats, offering unparalleled comfort in its segment. The second row can also now slide sideways, creating an unimpeded central walkway to the rear row.

The Odyssey also comes fitted with an array of technological features, such as an all-round camera system that will help drivers navigate through tight spaces and parking lots.

Honda has equipped the new car with the new Earth Dreams CVT transmission, granting seamless gearshifts and offering greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor. Mated to a 2.4-litre engine that delivers 174bhp and 225Nm of torque, the Odyssey feel relatively punchy on the move. And for a car that weigh's over 1.8 tonnes, we managed 9.4km/l on the go, which is commendable for a car its size.

Striking the best balance between comfort, performance and practicality, the Honda Odyssey manages to stand out from its competitors in the large MPV segment.