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Solar Film Specialists in Singapore (2023 Edition)

If the scorching Sun burns your skin or impedes your vision while driving, consider these solar film specialist workshops to enjoy a comfortable ride again.

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Infratint delivers high quality solar film solutions

At Infratint, you can be sure of high quality products and outstanding workmanship, delivering customer satisfaction for years to come.

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6 recommended solar film and window tinting companies with the best reviews

Solar films are pretty much a necessity to keep the heatwave out of your car. Here are six highly rated solar film workshops.

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Infratint - The solution to controlling heat

Infratint is where you can find solutions to control the sun's glare and heat in your vehicle, protecting yourselves as well as your passengers.

Text by Akram Saheed, Photos by Infratint | 9,785 views | Features

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Keep Heat Under Control! Block up to 99.6% of harmful UV rays and 99% of Infra-Red rays with Infratint Car Window Solar Film 1948 27-Feb-2024
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