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sgCarMart has partnered with Venture Cars to run a trusted brand showcase featuring their cars this month at Bedok Mall.

02 Aug 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Venture Cars, along with sgCarMart, will be running a roadshow this month from the 1st to 7th August at Bedok Mall.

This roadshow also marks the first time that sgCarMart is running a trusted brand showcase, and will feature the cars that Venture Cars has on offer.

This marks the first time sgCarMart is running a Trusted Brand showcase
Venture Cars started out 10 years ago as a subsidiary of BW Automobiles. Since then, it has expanded to provide top-notch service and peace of mind when buying parallel imported new cars. Venture Cars is a Trusted Brand of sgCarMart.

Derek Low, Director of Venture Cars, is happy to work with sgCarMart on the showcase. "This is the first time we're doing a roadshow with sgCarMart. We are excited as we believe sgCarMart can help us reach out to a wider audience and we are looking forward to it."

David Wee, Head of Display Ads & Events, Sales, sgCarMart, also shared his thoughts on partnering with Venture Cars. "Given their good track record in the local market since 2009, we believe Venture Cars will not only present the latest range of Japanese hybrid models, but also provide the support needed to keep them running for many years to come."

Cars available include the popular Toyota C-HR Hybrid, as well as others such as the Toyota Prius. Venture Cars offers attractive pricing and packages throughout all the models available under them, and there are VAC ready stocks available for all cars at the roadshow.

Popular cars such as the Toyota C-HR Hybrid are at the roadshow
Venture Cars mainly focuses on Japanese makes, and most of them come with a hybrid powertrain. Speaking about the particular choice of cars that Venture Cars brings in, Mr. Low said, "We bring in hybrids as they're good value for money, and with the VES rebates, the price gap between petrol and hybrid models has significantly reduced."

"The cost of replacing batteries now is much lower, and they are also more durable and last longer," he added.

During the roadshow period, Venture Cars will be giving a special roadshow interest rate of 1.98 percent, as well as a ten percent discount on insurance premiums with every new car. Hybrid cars sold at the roadshow will also get a ten year or 200,000km warranty on the battery, and free servicing for one year or 20,000km, whichever comes first.

Alongside the good deals, Venture Cars also provides a five year or 100,000km warranty via their in-house workshop, as well as a variety of financing options available.

Venture Cars, along with being sgCarMart's Trusted Brand, is CaseTrust and SVTA accredited.
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